The living room is often the place in our homes where we unwind after a long day. It is also the first place we take our visitors to socialize and spend time.

So, this location is naturally one of the most influential places to put your colorful painting ideas to work. It breathes life into the walls and instantly changes the space’s ambiance.

However, choosing the best artwork for your living room is more complicated than it seems. There are many factors to consider before getting a hammer to nail in the frame.

With a clear vision, you can choose the right painting that reflects your personality. This article discusses ways to choose art that blends seamlessly with the existing decor.

Tips for Selecting the Right Colorful Artwork for Living Room

There are many options and opinions when it comes to home decor. Take help from the following tips, and you can elevate the look of your living room by adding colorful artwork.

1. Feel The Space

A roomy living area featuring a couch, chair, coffee table, fireplace, TV, table and chairs, rug, and brick fireplace. Feel the space

Before buying and hanging up artwork on your living room walls, it is important to measure out the room.

The wrong size frame might throw off the balance, making the room look lopsided. Or it might end up not fitting with the other furniture in the room.

So, locating the focal point of the space is the first step. A statement sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a living room.

So, if you were to keep a large artwork directly above the place, it would work as a conversation starter. Ensure the wall is not overcrowded, taking away the audience’s attention.

2. Figure Out Your Preferred Decor Style

A well-decorated living room filled with lush plants and stylish furniture

Decorating a house to make it feel like a home means putting in your personal touches. Your taste should be reflected in every inch of the space, making it uniquely your own.

And that choice is ultimately reflected in the artwork you put on display. There is no right answer to the art you want to display. It only needs to suit your style.

A minimalistic large art with sharp, crisp lines looks great in rooms with a decided Scandinavian decor.

On the other hand, naturalistic landscapes in an earthy palette suit homes with a more farmhouse getup. All you need is art that looks good to you.

3. Consider The Room’s Vibe

Two canvas wall art prints featuring a blue couch and coffee table, enhancing the room's vibe

Not all living rooms perform the same function in different homes. For some, having a relaxing dining room takes the utmost priority.

So the artwork and the general decor need to soothe after a long day’s work. A natural color palate, warm walls, and soft modern abstracts are ideal to make it work.

Another vibe to aspire to would be stately and elegant. A formal living room is a treat for all to enjoy and bask in. A unique artwork with a grand appeal would be perfect for these locations.

4. Ultimate Color Palette Selection

Three paintings with orange and brown paint on the wall. A vibrant display of colors from the Ultimate Color Palette Selection

The choice of a vibrant artwork also depends on the other colors of the room. Together, they create a palate that harmonizes with the room’s textures.

A good look at the preexisting colors in the room ensures that your latest piece will not clash.

If your room is predominantly warm, with shades of orange and red, you can continue in the same tone.

However, using contrasting colors also works in creating a statement. A big piece of art in your living room should not match the furniture; it should complement it subtly.

5. Size Of The Artwork

Living room with black walls, white furniture. Modern and stylish. Size of the artwork not specified

The artwork size you have been eyeing also needs the appropriate-sized walls to look amazing.

You can easily go for small works of art if you have very little open space on the walls or free shelves.

Medium-sized art pairs well with accent furniture, making the space not feel crowded.

However, big pieces of notice are one of the most popular sizes for living room artwork.

They immediately become the center of attraction, going over a sofa or fireplace. These pieces are also easy to maintain, adding to their charm.

6. Medium Of The Artwork

A captivating abstract painting adorns the living room wall, adding a touch of elegance to the space

Another factor to consider before choosing an artwork for your walls would be the medium of the art.

There are many kinds of materials from which different statement pieces are made. The two most popular ones are mixed media on fabric and print.

The more costlier types of art are paintings, where you get to see the fine details and texture.

If you do not want to break the bank, you can get prints of your chosen artwork. However, make sure you get the best quality within your budget.

7. Lighting, And Positioning

Colorful painting enhances living room decor, adding vibrancy. Thoughtful lighting and positioning create an inviting space

Lastly, putting art on your living room walls is important, so placing it in the optimum position is important.

The main piece always goes on the center of the wall to balance the room. You can also get a bunch of small artwork and create a cluster at the center.

The lighting is also important as it will showcase your position to its full charm.

The most popular lights used to display paintings are ceiling lights, wall washers, and picture lights. Ensure the light hits the artwork at a 30-degree angle for the best view.

Summing It Up

A living room needs to be a haven for relaxation in a home. And its artwork plays a big role in achieving that vision.

The right choice will portray exactly how you want the room to feel lime, with the exact colors and medium.

And while the selection process may seem long, it is as simple as trusting your gut.

Artwork in a fully furnished living room must be in tune with the furniture. It also needs to be the style that suits the room’s vibe.

The position and lighting, however, dictate where the art should be hung.

So, comment below and let us know your method of choosing an artwork for your home!

Dr. Aisha Khan

Since 2020, Dr. Aisha Khan, a distinguished alumnus of the Parsons School of Design with a focus on environmental design, has been guiding our readers in home and office furnishings. Her professional journey, spanning over 20 years, includes working with renowned design firms and teaching design principles. Dr. Khan's articles blend practical advice with creative design ideas. A strong advocate for eco-friendly living, she enjoys urban gardening and DIY home projects in her spare time.

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