The term “Never Have I Ever” is very popular. Isn’t it? Even there is a Netflix series that has the same name. However, do you know there’s a game called ‘Never Have I Ever’?

A group of people play this game while having a fun time. Not only the kids but also the adults are fond of this game. This game is also familiar as the “Ten Fingers” and “I’ve Never” games.

A few people also play this game as a “drinking game.” You can play the game utilizing two methods.

In this blog, you’ll learn how to play the “Never Have I Ever Game.” It is one of the most famous parlor games. The game is as fun as the “Truth or Dare” game.

A group of people have to sit in a circle and give answers. After a huge round of answers, only one person claimed their victory.

What is ‘Never Have I Ever Game’?

Hands pointing to center of circle

People play the ‘Never Have I Ever’ game during social gatherings. Two methods have been followed with this game. 

One is a basic ‘Never Have I Ever’ game. In this method, you must use your ten fingers to answer what you have never done. The person who gives nine answers (while others will give 10) will be victorious.

In the second method, a few people drink a glass of water. However, the process is similar. Both adults and kids can play this game.

How to Play?

1. Gather Players in a Circle

A group of people sitting in a circle on a green field

The basic rule of this game is to gather five or more players. After gathering players, sit in a circle. You can still play the game if you don’t have five people.

However, it may not be worth it. After encircling the place, sit down on the floor together.

2. Hold 10 Fingers

, demonstrating the

The next step is to hold 10 fingers. Each player can also hold the fingers of each participant beside them.

You can also put your 10 fingers down on the floor. Apart from that, you can raise it in the air. Everyone should follow this process.

3. First Announcement

A group of children sitting in a circle on the floor

This is the beginning part of the game. After following the first two steps, one player has to start the answer.

In this answer, the player should tell what he has never done. For example, a player says, “Never have I ever traveled to a place alone or solo.”

4. Put Down One Finger

A teacher engaging with children in a circle

After completing his first answer, a player must put one of his 10 fingers down. It’s an exciting part of this game.

Meanwhile, the rest of the players keep all their fingers up in the air or down on the floor.

5. Follow the Cycle

Children sitting in a circle with hands up

Follow the cycle with other players. After the first player completes his answer, the second player must answer.

For example, the second player answers, “Never have I ever cooked a meal.” Then, the third, fourth, and remaining players will answer.

6. The Judgement

A teacher and children sitting on the floor in a classroom

Commence the previous method till a player is left with one finger. If there are five players, four have given 10 answers, but one has given 9.

The player who has given 9 answers must’ve one finger left standing. The player will be declared as the winner.

Drinking Method

1. Gather Players in a Circle

A group of people sitting in a circle

Likewise, in the basic method, you must gather a few people. Mostly a group of five people. After that, you have to sit encircling the place.

If you want to use any alcoholic drink, make sure you are of legal drinking age. Otherwise, you can use water or a soft drink.

2. Add the Same Amount of Drink/Water to The Glass

A group of people playing beer pong

Bring a large bottle of any drink or water. Then, divide it into the same amount of glasses. If you have 5 players, add the drink equally to each glass.

For adults, you can use alcoholic shot glasses. Additionally, you can play the game till the bottle is empty.

3. First Announcement

Several people gathered around a kitchen counter

This is the beginning of the drinking game. After performing the first two steps, a person has to answer. In this step, he/she has to tell what they have never done in their life.

For instance, a person stands up and says, “I’ve Never Ever Ghosted Someone.”

4. Drink a Glass of Drink/Water

Three men having fun with a wooden tower game at a bar

In the basic method, a person has to put one of his finger’s down out of 10. Similarly, a person has to drink his glass after telling the answer.

After that, the person has to fill the glass again, only if the bottler still contains the drink.

5. Continue the Cycle

A group of friends engaged in a card game at a lively party

Continue the cycle with other players after the first player gives their answer. It’s time for the others to give answers following the same procedure.

The player will be automatically eliminated if the bottle is empty and the glass isn’t full. The glasses must be full to stay in the game.

6. Final Verdict

A group of friends playing cards at a party

After completing the five steps, the final step is to verdict the winner. As mentioned, the glass must be full to participate in the game.

If the bottle is empty and one of the player’s glasses is full. The person will be declared the winner.


The “Never Have I Ever” game requires at least five people. You can still play if you have fewer people, but it may not be fun. This game has two methods. The first is the basic method, and the second is the drinking method.

In the basic method, the fingers have been used. The player with one finger remaining open will be declared a winner. On the other hand, a glass of water or drink was used in the second method.

The person whose glass will remain full will be the winner. The adults can use alcoholic drinks to play the game. Otherwise, it can also be played with water.

In this blog, you’ve acknowledged the method and rules of the “Never Have I Ever” game.

Do you still have any queries, and which method do you prefer the most?

Let us know in the comments.

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