Do you feel like all homecoming mum backer ideas have been overused or already taken by someone else? Fret not, because in this article, we’ll take you some of the best backing ideas that are sure to stand out in the evening, no matter what.

As a bonus, we’re also going to go through a guide on making your own unique combinations for a backer like nothing else! First things first:

Our Best Mum Backer Ideas

Our Best Mum Backer Ideas

The mum on a homecoming dress is an absolutely cherished tradition, but the backer can often be an afterthought–don’t let it be forgotten! Here are some of the best ideas that you can try out this homecoming:


Find your date’s interests and immerse yourself in them or the school spirit with a fun, themed backer. Going with a football player? Cut out a giant football shape from sturdy cardboard and decorate it with team colors and glitter!

If your date loves music (honestly, who doesn’t?), make a backer shaped like a guitar or record player. These ideas will get you on the right track–let your creativity run wild from there.

Fancy Materials

Ditch the traditional cardboard and find out just how many things you can make the backer out of–you’ll find there are a lot more options than most people consider. Felt is one of these; a versatile material that, when cut into shapes or letters and embellished with buttons, sequins, or lace, will create an amazing backer.

If a rustic touch has caught your eye, you can also use a thin slice of wood, stain it, and personalize it with your date’s initials. Even a sturdy piece of fabric can be transformed into a backer with some hot glue and creative draping!

Light It Up

Who says a backer can’t have a little extra pizazz? Add battery-powered LED lights to your design–line the edges of a cardboard backer with fairy lights or spell out a message with small, wired lights. Can you imagine this backer in the dark? It’s sure to stun and leave an impression.

Memories (In the Making)

You can also make the backer a sentimental keepsake by adding a bunch of personal touches. Use a photo of the two of you as the centerpiece, secure it with a clear film for protection, and add small charms of your shared interests like sports medals, miniature musical instruments, or even tiny school mascots, and you’ll have a backer to keep for life.

3D Backer

Go beyond a flat backer and add some dimension! Instead of just one, cut out multiple layers of cardboard in different shapes and sizes, then stack them to create a bunch of layers. Decorate each layer with your favorite colors, patterns, or ribbons, and you’ll have one of the most unique backers at the homecoming.

Experiment to Make Your Own!

Experiment to Make Your Own!Out with the predictable backers that everyone will have–why not craft a one-of-a-kind backer for your homecoming mum? You’d be surprised at just how many ideas you can come up with when you get started! Here’s how you can make your own:

Get Supplies (If You Haven’t Already)

Of course, you’lll want to start with the homecoming dress itself (we recommend viewing this collection for ideas). Then, raid your craft stash and gather anything that sparks your inspiration.

Think glitter, ribbons, buttons, fabric scraps, and even, nay, especially old jewelry. Unconventional things like bottle caps, cardboard tubes, or colorful straws will also work wonders for your unique backer.

The bigger and more diverse your collection, the more combinations you can experiment with!

Play with Shapes and Textures

Ditch the standard rectangle; it’s overused. Instead, use cookie cutters or stencils to create any and every shape you can think of from your chosen materials. Combine the layering effect we talked about earlier using felt over cardboard, or experiment with weaving ribbons through cutouts for a bit of intricacy in the design.

If things get messy, you’re on the right track! Continue on it, and you’ll have a personalized backer unlike anything out there.

The Best Backer Is the One You Both Love

In all the ideas and suggestions and people talking about what ‘looks good,’ it’s important to remember that your homecoming mum is one that you and your date love, regardless of what anyone else thinks about it. So, drop all expectations, grab your supplies, and start crafting!

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