Summer is here, and in addition to the better weather, longer days, and shorter evenings, the school summer break is fast approaching. It’s a special time for children who are preparing for an extended break from school and studies.

It’s a time when kids can be free, stay up late, visit the park, spend time with friends in the street, and develop their little personalities. Remember that excitement as the clock ticked towards the final bell of term time? We’re almost jealous.

It may be fun and games for children, but the summer vacation provides challenges to parents in the form of childcare. Caregivers, parents, grandparents, family members, and guardians worry about who will look after children when they’re at work during the summer months.

They also fret about finding the extra cash for lunches, day trips, new clothes, games, and everything else involved in creating happy summer memories. It can be an expensive time of year.

Summer 2024 also hosts many major sporting events, including the UEFA European Championship in Germany, where the best soccer-playing nations from Europe assemble. There are the summer Olympic Games, Wimbledon, The Open, and other delights.

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Encouraging Future Stars

Watching soccer, golf, athletics, and other favorites live is sure to inspire you to join in the action this summer. And what better way to get you and the kids active than a round of sports? You can play all your favorite games in your backyard or at a local park.

Enjoying sports outdoors helps children get fit, healthy, and strong, and, above all else, it helps tire them out, which is ideal for busy parents. Keep reading as we suggest some free, fun, and simple ways to enjoy family sports activities during the summer break from school.

This article aims to give parents some helpful ideas that will keep the family active this summer while helping encourage an interest in sports. Who knows, watching Euro 2024 live on TV and then playing soccer in the park could reveal a future Team USA star and champion.

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Family soccer

Soccer is a universally loved sport that all ages can enjoy. Organize family soccer matches in your backyard or at a local park. Set up simple goals with cones or portable nets, and let the games begin.

This activity not only provides excellent cardiovascular exercise but also teaches teamwork and strategy. To keep things interesting, try different variations like mini-tournaments or penalty shootouts.


Cycling is a fantastic way to explore your local area while getting a good workout. Plan regular family cycling trips, choosing different routes to keep things exciting.

Whether it’s a ride through the park, along a bike trail, or even a day trip to a scenic location, cycling helps improve cardiovascular health and leg strength. Equip everyone with helmets and ensure bikes are in good condition to prioritize safety.


SwimmingSwimming is a great full-body workout and a refreshing way to cool off in the summer heat. Visit local pools, lakes, or beaches and spend the day swimming and playing water games.

You can even organize mini swimming races or water polo matches to add a competitive element. Swimming builds endurance, muscle strength, and coordination, making it an ideal sport for all family members.


Tennis and its increasingly popular cousin, pickleball, are excellent sports for families. Many community parks have tennis courts available for public use.

If you’re new to the sport, consider taking a few lessons together to learn the basics. Pickleball, with its smaller court and slower pace, is particularly suitable for younger children and beginners. These racquet sports enhance hand-eye coordination, agility, and fitness.

Backyard Olympics

Backyard OlympicsCreate your own family Olympics in your backyard. Design a series of fun and challenging events such as relay races, long jumps, obstacle courses, and even tug-of-war.

Keep track of scores and award medals or prizes to make it more exciting. This activity promotes friendly competition and provides a variety of exercises that can improve strength, speed, and coordination.

Mini Golf

Set up a mini golf course in your backyard using household items and DIY creativity. Use cardboard, cups, and other objects to create different holes with varying levels of difficulty. This activity encourages problem-solving and creativity while being a fun way to practice hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Home Fitness

Engage the family in daily or weekly fitness challenges. These could include activities like jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, or yoga poses.

Create a chart to track progress and set goals to achieve together. It not only keeps everyone active but also instills a sense of achievement and motivation.

Sports Leagues

Top 10 Largest Sports Leagues by Revenue 2020, Which Sport Makes the Most  Money?Many communities offer sports leagues for children and adults. Enroll the family in sports like baseball, basketball, or soccer.

Participating in a league provides structured practice and games, fostering a sense of community and teamwork. It also offers an excellent opportunity to make new friends and learn from coaches and teammates.

Family Boot Camps

Some local gyms and fitness centers offer family boot camp sessions designed to accommodate all fitness levels. These sessions often include a mix of strength training, cardio, and flexibility exercises, making them a comprehensive workout.

Participating in a boot camp together can be a great bonding experience and helps instill a regular exercise routine.

Summer Sports Camps

Summer Sports CampsEnroll your children in summer sports camps that focus on specific sports such as soccer, basketball, or swimming. These camps provide professional coaching, structured training, and plenty of playtime, all of which can spark a lifelong interest in sports. Look for family-friendly camps that offer sessions for parents and kids to participate together.

Niche Sports

Expand your family’s sports horizons by exploring less common sports like archery, fencing, or rock climbing.

Many sports centers and clubs offer introductory sessions for beginners. Trying something new can be exciting and might uncover a hidden talent or passion. These sports also teach focus, precision, and perseverance.

Adventure Sports

For the more adventurous families, consider trying sports like kayaking, paddleboarding, or even surfing. Many places offer rentals and beginner lessons during the summer months. Adventure sports not only provide a thrilling experience but also build core strength, balance, and resilience.

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