Want your kids to learn and enhance their power in a fun way? Well, learning and playing are often combined by indulging kids in fun activities. It is often seen that when kids play music games or dance on them, it builds a strong connection to their brain and enhances their learning power.

Indulging your kids into music games can help them learn and know more about music. Kids love to listen to music as it offers relaxation, fun, and calmness. One can help kids learn various music genres too, like hip-hop, classical, folk, and more.

Therefore, if you are looking for something like that, here are 25 music games for your kids.

Amazing Music Games to Try Today at Home

If you are all impressed with the benefits of music games and want your kids to learn in a fun way, then you are at the right place. You can easily grab some stuff and a good music system to replicate these activities.

Here is a list of 25 fun music games and activities you can try at home today.

1. Dance Along

Dance Along

Nothing can be simpler than this one. If you are not into extensive games or anything, then you can try this one at home. Start by having a bigger safe in your house. A living room will work best; stretch your sofas in the corner and increase your living room safe for more fun. Start by playing some good music and grab your kids. Dance your way out, and you can even add various toys like hula hoops, rubber balls, and bean bags.

2. Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance

The next simple music game to try is freeze dance. It is a better version of the normal dance, but it is simple. If you are someone who doesn’t want to invest much time but wants to try something different with your kids, then this music game is for you. Start by playing some good music on your system and roll your hands and body with your kids. Dance as much as you want, and then in between, say, freeze. When you say freeze, you and your kids must freeze in whatever position you are. After some time, say, release, and repeat it as much as you want. This can end up in a laughter session with your kids.

3. Make Your Music Band

Make Your Music Band

What is better than having your music game band? Yes, you heard it right. You can make an easy music band at your home and indulge your kids in this fun music activity. You don’t need a fancy piano or drums or anything. Just grab some utensils from your kitchen and get your kids along. Play some fun music and play with utensils or any equipment that can offer music or sounds. You can use steel utensils or glassware and then use some plastic or wooden spoons for banging sounds.

4. Draw Something as Per Music

Draw Something as Per Music

Your kid loves sketching and drawing too? This is a fun way to add some music games with sketching. Grab a nice music playlist and give your kids some pieces of paper and colored crayons or markers. Play the music and ask your kids to draw whatever they are hearing. You might find your kids struggling a little, but you can help them demonstrate that. For instance, slow music can be accompanied by a drawing of lines, and with faster music, they can draw angles, shapes, and more.

5. Name Some Tunes

Name Some Tunes

Do you like naming things with your kids? Is your kid also interested in naming whatever they see or hear? If yes, then this music game is perfect for your kid’s next play session. Start by playing some favorite nursery songs or rhymes. Try to evaluate if they are figuring out what is playing. Once they start figuring out the game, ask them to name it as per their mood. Make sure to start by playing some easy rhymes or simple songs and then increase the intensity of the music game.

6. Fast and Slow Music Game

Fast and Slow Music Game

Make a playlist of some good songs with different tempos. Make some space in your house or outdoors and ask your kid to dance to the music. Make sure to communicate that if the song gets faster, they have to dance fast, and if the song gets slow, they dance slowly. You can also join your kid in this music game and make them learn how to do it. You can even swirl your belly slowly on a slow song and do some jumping jacks on faster tunes.

7. Create Your Own Xylophone

Create Your Own Xylophone

This one seems expensive and tough to do, but we have a simpler option for you. If you can get a xylophone, then it is great, but if you can’t, then you can make your own at home easily. Yes, you read it right. You don’t need something fancy; go in the kitchen and, get some glasses and jars, fill them with varying levels of water. Once you have done that, line all of them together and take a wooden spoon and start tapping gently to create sound. It is a very fun and easy music game to play with your kids.

8. Be the Music Leader for Your Kid

Be the Music Leader for Your Kid

Sometimes kids want to replicate whatever their parents do. Parents are the leader of their kids, and they can teach them a lot of things. All you have to do is be the leader and play some good music. Start dancing to various tunes and music and make your kids feel hyperactive with that. Show them some dancing moves and let them replicate that. This will be a fun music game, and you might see a new side of your kid while dancing their heart out.

9. Music Game for Bath Time

Music Game for Bath Time

Do you love having some good shower time with your kids? Well, yes, right. Everyone loves to indulge in some good shower time with their kids, but do you know you can take it a notch up? Fill your bathtub with some nice lukewarm water and some bath soap for more bubbles. Add some bathing toys as well. To take it a little up notch, grab a speaker and dance to your favorite music while enjoying some quality shower time. Doing this along with your kids will help you get more quality time.

10. Animal Dance

Animal Dance

Zoo and animal kingdoms are full of various animals, and every animal troop has its own dancing rhythm. Get some music going and start depicting various animals. You can dance like any animal, be it a monkey or a cow or something as unusual as a giraffe. Grab your speakers and start playing funny music, and one by one, let your kids know about various animals and their dances. This is one of the best music games if you want your kids to learn about various animals.

11. Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs

Who doesn’t love to play musical chairs? Everyone has played at least once in their life this music game and enjoyed it a lot. Musical chairs are one of the most popular games that every child loves to play. All you have to do is place chairs in a line facing opposite sides one by one as per the members playing. For example, if 10 people are playing the game, place only 9 chairs. Get in a line and play music; everyone has to dance around chairs until the music stops. Grab your chair when the music stops, and the one with no chair gets disqualified.

12. Preschool Music Game Composition

Preschool Music Game Composition

It is certainly hard to believe that preschool children can compose music, but if you give them time and space, it is possible. Ask your kids to draw symbols that represent ways of rhythm. For instance, x can be demonstrated as a clap, or a circle can be a food stomp. Using these symbols can create a very nice and easy music game for you and your kids. You can also elevate the game by adding instruments like drums. Kids will very much indulge in this game, and they will enjoy every bit of it.

13. Limbo


Next on our list is limbo. Limbo is one of the most common outdoor picnic games, but have you ever thought about how music can elevate the whole game? No, right. The easiest way to play the music game limbo is by taking a rope and speaker with you when you are going for an outdoor picnic. Start by tying a rope according to the kid’s height, and then let your kids walk through it. For added fun, play some good music along with it so that your kids can enjoy it more. Any kind of music can go limbo; you can choose slow or fast music as per your preferences.

14. Kitchen Drum Music Game

Kitchen Drum Music Game

The kitchen is filled with equipment that can make a great sound. Rather than getting stuff from your kitchen and playing in your living room, take your kids to the kitchen. Grab some pots and wooden spoons, and you have a homemade drum set ready. You can lay them around and play along any beat you like. Just tap your spoon on various utensils one by one to create a good sound. It is one of the easiest and most fun music games to play with your kids. Also, playing this music game might give you some nice music or tunes for the future.

15. Hot Potato

Hot Potato

Another fun activity to add to your next picnic or kid birthday party is a hot potato. It is a very common and fun music game to play with kids. All you have to do is make a circle by sitting next to each other. Play the music and pass the pillow to each other till the time the music is playing. The trick is to pass the pillow to each other as fast as possible. When the music stops, the person with the pillow in hand gets disqualified and needs to perform a dance. You can also ask other kids to join in so that one kid doesn’t shy away. This is one of the best music games to play with a lot of kids at birthday parties.

16. Instrument Guess Game

Instrument Guess Game

The next music game you can try with your kid is listening to a classic music game. Grab a pair of earphones and let your kid sit in a quiet place. Place some different kinds of classic music and let your kid guess them. You can also make them learn about various types of instruments by playing instrumental sounds and asking them to guess them one by one. Always make sure to start with easier instruments and then move to little difficult ones. This will help your kid build their brain power by guessing. It is one of the best brainstorming music games for kids.

17. Passing the Parcel

Passing the Parcel

Just like a hot potato, this one is also a very simple and fun music game to try on birthdays and picnics. Get a small treat and wrap it in multiple layers and boxes or wrapping paper. Get all the kids in a circle and play some music. Till the time music plays, kids are supposed to pass the parcel to each other, and when the music stops, the kid holding the parcel gets to unwrap it. You can give the parcel to the kid who unwrapped it or ask them to share it with everyone. This will teach them important aspects like sharing and affection.

18. Family Karaoke

Family Karaoke

Do you and your kids love to sing songs and jam to them every time you are together? If you are also someone who falls in this category, then this is the right time for you to try family karaoke with your kids. Make a list of all your favorite songs and music and get the lyrics printed for them. Grab your karaoke set and start singing one by one your favorite songs. Parents should start first and then encourage kids to do the same so that they can have a good boost of confidence in themselves. However, if you don’t have a karaoke set, then you depict something similar with a hairbrush to just the right feel for this music game.

19. Sing-a-Long Music Game

Sing-a-Long Music Game

Kids tend to have some favorite movies when they start watching tv. Your kid might also have some good movies that they like watching every time. Make a list of all the good songs in that movie and play them on speaker for your kids. Encourage them to sing along, and you should also give them company in it. Once they enjoy singing the songs, stand up and start dancing. Ask your kids to do the same. Dancing like crazy can be a fun music game for you with your kids. You can get to see your kids’ fun side by playing this music game.

20. Prop Dancing

Prop Dancing

Props are a great way to teach your child about various things. You can grab a few props like flowers, ribbons, pom poms, and more for your kids. Just play some good energetic music and give your kids some props to play around. Your kids can use those props in the way they want and dance with them freely. This music game will teach kids how to be open and free and enjoy life as it is. You can also accompany them and have a good family time on weekends while playing this music game. If your kids love doing it, then you can practice this now and then.

21. Sticks and Rhythm

Sticks and Rhythm

If you are someone who wants to try something different and not so usual, then sticks and rhythm is best to try. Grab some sticks and play some music that you and your kids enjoy listening to. Take two sticks each and bang them against each other while dancing your heart out. You can follow some rhythm or pattern to make it fun. This is a unique and fun music game to try, but it needs to be done when parents are around because kids can get themselves hurt by sticks. So if you are in the mood to try something different with your kids, then try this music game.

22. Shakers and Rhythm

Shakers and Rhythm

If you don’t want to play with sticks as they are risky and don’t offer too much sound, then you can surely go for shakers. Shakers are a great way to create some fun, music, and dance at home. You can get them online for your kids, or you can make them at home with some empty containers and coins or stones. Play some music or use these shakers to create some sound and let your kid groove over it. Making it at home is one of the best options for music games as it will teach your kid to do some crafts at home easily and be creative in life. This music game can offer your kids both dance and creativity.

23. Hokey Pokey Music Game

Hokey Pokey Music Game

Hokey Pokey is an easy and fun dance music game to play this season with your kid. All you have to do is make some open space in your house for your kids to have fun. Play hokey pokey on your music system and start dancing. Make sure to tell your kids to move their hands and legs as the music asks them to do. Doing this will ensure that your kid listens nicely to the music and then perform what is asked. It is a great way to build your kid’s listening power and make them understand how to follow the rules. You can even give them some relaxation later, where they can dance freely as well.

24. Bear Hunt Music Game

Bear Hunt Music Game

The next favorite game to try is the bear hunt. It is one of the favorite music games among preschoolers. All you have to do is make some space in your house or backyard and play some bear hunt song on speaker. Once the music starts, ask your kids to form a circle and replicate whatever is asked to do in the song. This is another way you can build good listening habits for your kid. They will listen, interpret and then perform, which will help them in coming future. This will not only be fun but also builds the mind connection of kids with ears.

25. Family Band

Family Band

Last but not least on our list is the family band. This works perfectly if you have a variety of small instruments at home, like a harmonium, drum, or ukulele. Everyone is supposed to get grab one instrument of their choice and start playing it to form good music. All of you should jam together and dance along to the music. This can be a great weekend music game to try with your kids at home or outdoors. Make sure to be equally involved in the game as your kid to boost their confidence.

How Does Music Games Help Kids?

How Does Music Games Help Kids?

If we talk in general terms, music games have various benefits for young children. The benefits can be as simple as increased language skills to complicated comprehension. It is often seen that children who are involved with music games are more likely to have better writing and reading skills.

Apart from this, the added benefit of indulging your kid in music games is improved speech and processing mechanisms. Some people also state that music and maths are connected. Music games teach children to practice rhythm, which is an important part of mathematics as well.


Including music games in your kid’s week schedule can be a fun way to bond and develop important skills. Kids at a younger age are very adaptive and learn more and more things easily. Hence, you can make your kids learn various motor skills, emotional skills, and mental skills through music games.

Music and maths are often related to each other as they both require concept and practice. If you feel you want to build some problem-solving skills in your kid, then you can easily do it by playing some music games with your kid.

Apart from this, another factor that comes with music games is building emotional bonds. A kid can easily build some emotional and intelligent skills while listening to music or even dancing. You can even build your bond strong with your kid by putting in equal effort and fun.

Hence, including music games in your child’s routine will work on their overall development.

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