Are you willing to make your kids learn their spellings in a fun and engaging way? Yes, definitely! You do not want stereotypical ‘Read-along’ modes for your kids. Rather want fun games to improve your kids’ vocabulary, diction, and synonyms?

Fun games like ‘Synonym Bingo,’ ‘Synonym Tic-Tac-Toe,’ and Synonym Dominoes are ones that go a long way in helping boost your kids’ brain power and, at the same time, help them learn their spellings too. This way, your children get a brand new perspective on learning.

Through these games, you allow your children to build teams. Numerous online chat rooms and education centers allow similar age-group children to vibe along this way. And team building is an essential skill set to survive in today’s dynamic world.

Helping you discover 30 activities on synonyms your kids are going to love you for.

1. Synonym Charades

Synonym Charades

Have you heard of dumb charades? You act out a movie and thereby allow your audiences to guess what the name of the correct movie is. On a similar parlance, parents can type words on placards and allow their kids to act out synonyms for the words.

Here is a gentle catch to the whole game! The child emotes the synonym for the word while the group finds out the word. Although it is tricky, the game can be fun and engaging for kids. In a nutshell, this game can bring visible changes to the vocabulary and general thinking abilities of your children. So, go for the shot!

2. Synonym Bingo

Synonym Bingo

You can allow your kids to play interesting games like ‘Synonym Bingo’ as this can be a super-cool and fun approach to learning new words vis-a-vis their synonyms. Here, you allow participants to cross off the words that describe each other as against getting the numbers crossed off.

Do you want to play alone or using a group? The game can be fun and engaging when you allow your kids to form interesting groups to make the event more lively.

3. Synonym Memory

Synonym Memory.png

To play the game right, all you must do is place the images of the pictures on one side and have the word synonyms on the other side. Your kids or your kids’ friends must figure out what the word is.

This can be a fun and engaging activity for kids to learn spellings, and the activity can help improve the retention power of your kids too. This is the most engaging activity on synonyms.

4. Synonym Matching

Synonym Matching

Here, you place cards with a set of words on each of them. Your kid must match one synonym with the other. You can allow many kids to play ‘Synonym matching games’ to have some cool moments between your children and the neighborhood kids.

Who do you think the winner is? The kid who has made the maximum number of synonym pairs is declared a winner in this fabulous activity on synonyms. The activity can not only improve your child’s vocabulary but also helps it read words more clearly.

5. Synonym Roll and Cover

Synonym Roll and Cover

Synonym Roll and Cover is an engaging game that teaches you vocab skills along with Math. Here, the kid rolls the dice to see which synonym must be used to conceal an image. This is a fascinating activity on synonyms for your preschoolers who can learn numbers and words in the very same activity.

In a way, arranging kids in groups helps them learn their fundamentals faster rather than putting a kid in a corner and asking him/her to learn the alphabet, numbers, or shapes.

6. Synonym Flashcards

Synonym Flashcards

Here, we have simple and easy-to-use flashcardsthat reveal the synonyms of two different words, and these flashcards cover a variety of situations you can use them for. The flashcards are mainly in use by preschoolers, wherein teachers and parents buy flash card kits that are versatile and highly engaging to use.

The kids can learn enriched forms of words and their synonyms using flash cards. The flash card game is an exciting activity on synonyms.

7. Picture Illustration

Picture Illustration

Use pictorial flashcards for your kids to identify what the main word is. Allow them to figure out then different word meanings that reveal the same contextual understanding. The logical and intellectual thinking of young minds can improve exponentially this way.

The pictorial method also gives kids a visual representation of learning the word vis-a-vis their synonyms. The pictorial flashcards can be made a fun and engaging activity on synonyms.

8. Casino Bingo

Casino Bingo

Casino Bingo is another synonym-related fun game wherein you allow a group of players to identify the pictures with their words and synonyms. Here, the group that pairs up a maximum number of words with their synonyms shouts out ‘BINGO.’

This can be a high-voltage activity on synonyms that help keep teachers and the respective students on their edge. The winners can be awarded books or chocolates to motivate them to keep up their good work. In a nutshell, the Casino Bingo activity is here to stay!

9. Synonym Sort

Synonym Sort

Synonym Sort is an interesting game wherein players use a set of image cards. The image cards are matched against their corresponding synonym words. The highly engaging game helps preschoolers learn their spellings in absolutely no time.

The interesting activity helps kids remember and retain spellings of complex and difficult words too. Henceforth, this is yet another fabulous activity on synonyms that can keep children on to their edge.

10. Synonym Hopscotch

Synonym Hopscotch

The Synonym Hopscotch game is a wonderful game for young kids or preschool children to take part in. Here in this game, members should avoid stepping on squares in favor of ones that appear to be synonyms of various nouns.

These are games that help you to develop motor and logical thinking abilities that can considerably improvise the cognitive intuition of growing minds. In totality, this activity on synonyms is a stellar one indeed.

11. Synonym-Spin-and-Speak


As the name suggests, you have a spinning wheel. When the spinning action lands up on a particular word, the player must replace the word with a synonym. This is fun-loving game preschoolers, or young toddlers participate in to learn spellings and synonyms of words and phrases.

The wanna-be activity on synonyms can be a hobby-seeking one and used as a family game too.

12. Synonym Tic-Tac-Toe

synonym Tic-Tac-Toe

Instead of using the X’s and O’s, you just cross out words that are synonyms or likely the same meaning words for the main noun. This can be an excellent engaging game wherein young children cross out all the words that can be synonyms of each other and help them earn points for every correct set they keep solving.

Preschoolers can also be exposed to this wonderful and mind-stimulating activity on synonyms, as a matter of fact.

13. Can You Play Musical Chairs with Synonyms?

Can You Play Musical Chairs with Synonyms

Here in this game, you have groups of synonyms that are labeled or buckled up against their seats. The kids have musical chairs that are placed in front of them. And the moment the music ends, kids sit on labeled synonyms of the word that is being called out.

This can be extremely fun and highly witty. Kids develop spellings and motor abilities as the game is learning-oriented with a playful tinge attached to it. The fabulous activity on synonyms is simply worth persuading.

14. Get Vogue with a Synonym Scavenger Hunt Game

This is quite a popular and well-known game amongst kids who love mastering spellings and synonyms of words like a pro. In this game, participants find words of items or objects that are hidden inside the classroom. The clues are letting the synonyms out and getting the actual set of words.

The physical activity brings liveliness to classroom teachers and students who are participating in the game. Alongside, the thinking and analytical abilities of young minds are fine-tuned at an early age, and that is why this activity on synonyms is a much preferred one.

15. Synonym Dominoes Activity

Synonym Dominoes Activity

In order to play this game, organizers must devise a set of dominoes wherein each player presents a different synonym for the same word, and the winner is the one who notches the maximum number of synonyms for the same word and moves on to crack other words too.

The kids then pin up their synonyms onto words, and the game ends. The fun activity on synonyms is a high-voltage one to know word meanings in a fun and exciting way.

16. Synonym Puzzles

Synonym Puzzles

Make a fun collection of words and synonyms through this amazingly cool activity on synonyms. Here, the students collect synonyms of words by solving puzzles. Via this mind-stimulating word-building activity, every student gets hands-on to understand the correlation between words, and finally, to end the game, every kid must match the puzzle to its closest synonym.

The word-building cum synonym activity has been a blockbuster amongst preschoolers and primary-level children.

17. Guessing the synonyms

Guessing the synonyms

In this game, parents, teachers, or web-based educators prepare a textual passage and underline words into the text. Each student is asked to get up from his or her seat and guess synonyms that can belong to the particular word. And the student who gets most of the guesses correct and forms successful pairs of words vis-a-vis their synonyms is declared the winner. The highly interactive activity on synonyms helps kids robustly build their vocab levels.

18. M&M’s Round Robin Game

M&M’s Round Robin Game

M&M’s Round Robin game is a fantastic one to get a group started. In this team-building game, students are made to sit in a wide-length circle. And, a kid starts with a word while the kid sitting next must guess the synonym of the word that has been spelled out. This is how the game continues in a chain reaction.

The game can be fun and interactive, plus you get to understand complex words, phrases, and synonyms from the English language. Montessori schools across the US, UK, and Canada are already waging a rave success at the launch of the M & M’s Round Robin game. Therefore, this activity on synonyms helps young minds develop creatively and, at the same time, expand children’s vocabulary too.

19. Synonym Spell Bee

Synonym Spell Bee

This is a Spell bee, and guess the synonym contest that performs a powerful two-in-one action here. The participants are divided into groups of two each, and several groups team up to participate in the competition. Firstly, one student of the team reveals the word with its spelling while the other student reveals the set of synonyms the word can be associated with.

Likewise, several groups spell words, and their synonyms, and winners are decided at the end of the event. The activity on synonyms is a game player for young minds to learn the spellings of words and, at the same time, understand the various synonyms that are associated with the words.

20. Synonym Collage

Synonym Collage

The kids here visually represent their synonyms by creating illustrated collages, and this is done via pictures and words that represent the synonyms. Pairs of students take up the activity, and the game provides a visual and a creative tinge to young and creative minds.

At the same time, students enhance their knowledge by getting a deeper perspective on how words are used. This way, children develop their vocabulary too. At the end of the event, students display their collages inside their classrooms to provide a more engaging and conducive learning atmosphere. In a way, the activity on synonyms is a great one for your kids.

21. Synonym Relay Game

Synonym Relay Game

In the game, participants are grouped up by school teachers or preschool organizers, and they are given a set of words. The first student quickly says a word and its synonym. Then, the student quickly tags on to the next participant, who repeats the same. The chain reaction, therefore, continues in a fun and engaging manner.

Apparently, the game promotes quick thinking, action-oriented responses, and synonym building and ultimately enriches the vocabulary levels of your little ones. Hence, this activity on synonyms is gaining popularity among leading schools and educational hubs across different countries of the globe.

22. Synonym Word Association Games

Synonym Word Association Games

The activity organizers give students a group of words as post-its. Here, every participant must identify different synonyms that a particular word can be associated with! Apart from just finding the synonyms of words, the student can identify similar word groups as much as possible. Once a student takes his/her turn, the tag passes on to the next participant.

Likewise, the game continues. This activity can build the creativity levels of young minds considerably and help them expand their vocabulary too. Teachers and home educators can use the activity as a warm-up session to build language skills amongst creative minds. In short, this activity on synonyms is the best pick you can look for.

23. Synonym-Related Bulletin Boards

Synonym-Related Bulletin Boards

Schools or educational institutions can collaborate with one another to build engaging wall boards or bulletin boards that comprise different words and the group of synonyms each word can be associated with. This way, you create a learning reference wherein students can visually integrate different words and use them under varied contextual situations.

The activity encourages vocab building and shapes the confidence of learning minds. Hence, this activity on synonyms must be replicated in all leading preschools and higher secondary educational institutions indeed.

24. Building Short Stories with Synonyms

Building Short Stories with Synonyms

In this particular activity on synonyms, teachers give a list of vocab words and ask students to write a short story using all of the words. To add a creative touch to this team-building activity, teachers can suggest the students use synonyms of the relevant words instead of repeating them.

The activity encourages team building and creativity amongst your children in a robust manner. The activity on synonyms is a wonderful one for you to pursue with.

25. Dictionary Sorting

Dictionary Sorting

All you have to do is download printables that give you the set of words you must work around with. At the same time, download another printable with noun meanings connected with the set of words you have. Allow your students to match the words with their dictionary noun meanings.

Here, the participants shuffle their cards and keep passing them on until every student has made a word pair with its dictionary synonym. This activity on synonyms is a warm and diligent exercise for younger minds and preschoolers too.

26. Sketching up Word Maps

Sketching up Word Maps

Would you love to create word maps for your young ones? Here, you pick vocabulary words trying to relate them with their synonyms and related context. Incidentally, this activity on synonyms helps to build connections the vocabulary word has with the other action words.

Teachers or educators can include words, pictures, descriptions, flashcards, real-life contextual situations, and a lot more to add that creative tinge to the whole thing.

27. Create Synonym Workstations

Create Synonym Workstations

Place vocabulary words and their synonyms on bulletin boards. Then, you allow each student or participant to walk up that board and write a sentence using the word or its synonym. The relevant post-its can be pinned up on the board. Similarly, the student can be tagged to perform the same. Make sure you ensure that students or preschoolers learn how to use the words and their synonyms correctly.

Through this activity, young kids learn the spellings of words, understand the various forms of synonyms attributed to these words, and above all, know how to use those words correctly in a sentence. In a way, this creative activity on synonyms is a 3D technique to build language skills among children.

28. Synonym Pictionary

Synonym Pictionary

Take a group of words and their synonyms and put chits of paper inside a glass bowl. Then, call upon each participant and hand over a word. Finally, allow him or her to draw pictures or perform visual illustrations of the word. Here, the other participants guess the word and the various forms of synonyms that a particular word can be associated with.

This is a fun and illustrative word-building and synonym check activity your students are going to love you for. In a way, the activity on synonyms can be a stress buster for students as well as teachers adding to more engaging and productive classroom sessions.

29. Using Frayer Models

Using Frayer Models

Arrange Frayer models that describe characteristics or other clues describing the word. Each participant must identify the word and the synonyms associated with the word. The activity promotes team building and group thinking in a hassle-free manner.

Plus, Frayer models give interesting situations and contextual ideas by which words and their synonyms can be used. In a way, the creative style activity on synonyms can be a wanna-be session for young children and their tutors.

30. Synonym Car Bumpers

Synonym Car Bumpers

Create words that can be grouped together and illustrate the respective synonyms that can be associated with the same. And you can allow students to match words with their similar set of words or with their respective synonyms.

The car-dashing effect adds to all that fun and enjoyment inside classrooms. Finally, allow students to write down words and synonyms in their English Class work notebooks. The fun activity on synonyms can be a bubble-buster to students and teachers alike.

Concluding Thoughts

All in all, we have discovered 30 mind-invigorating sessions that can be good activities and stress-buster games with synonyms. Word building is an exercise that must be incorporated among young minds so that kids develop a love for the language and its semantics.

DIY styles and educational aids can be used by educational innovators, preschool directors, and experienced teachers to bring more fun and activity into monotonous classrooms. The participants who are students will get that high once the game is a high-voltage one. The growing skill surrounding vocab and synonym building can go a long way in building the creativity and confidence levels of young children.

So, which is the one you are going to try out first?

Jonathan Green, M.Ed.

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