What do you know about signatures? Have you heard about verification, authentication, and Signature agreements? Have you replaced your traditional Signature with a digital signature? Or how your designed Signature can reflect your personality traits?

Well, there are so many questions that might be triggering you. But no need to worry. After reading this article, you will know every basic thing about designing a signature.

Like every other normal human being, you also want others to have positive perspectives about you, and for that, you continuously face so many hurdles. This whole creating a positive personality perspective might be a bit challenging for you. But what if I tell you you can somehow manage your work and personality in a positive manner? You read it right. Here, you are definitely going to get the answer to this situation.

As we know, signatures play a major role in our lives; from legal documents to official records, contracts, and financial transactions, signatures have always represented us. From our identification to intents, every matter is taken care of by Signature. But wait. Do you know how to write a signature that can reflect your personality traits? If not, then no worries.

Your Signature can provide a sense of legal validity, accountability, and trust in so many personal and professional aspects. So, to find out the psychological aspects and nature of the human mind, you have to check this writing piece till the end.

What Does Signature Say About Your Personality?

According to Graphology, there are around 5,000 identifiable handwriting traits that can be used during your analysis. Yes, that’s true. Here are some of the signature styles that can reflect your professional as well as personal life:

Signing Full Name

Do you know most individuals use their first and last names in their signatures? Sometimes, people only use their first name or last name, or even sometimes just their name initials.

So, when you sign your complete name, your complete focus is always on the present time. You even connect your and your loved ones, like family’s identity, with it. If the first name in your Signature is capitalized, then you might be recognized as having more self-esteem.

And if your name’s last name is capitalized, that means you are pretty much emotionally attached to your family.

On the other hand, when you sign your first name, it means that you are self-aware. This can also indicate that you are independent, and there is a strong chance that you might shift away from your family to your job. So, in general, you are a chill person and can easily manage your money.

When you only sign your last name in your Signature that means you have a strong sense of honesty, love, and loyalty toward your family. So, you don’t want to compromise the family’s name at any cost and you want to be around your family.

However, if you only sign your name’s initials, that shows that you want to be a private person. And you don’t want to open up in front of any random person.

Underlining Below Signature

Do you know what an underlined signature defines? Well, when you underline your Signature, it shows that you need status and recognition in your life. That means you want to feel important and want others to notice you. When you add a single underline, it showcases self-confidence, but at the same time, if you add more underlines, it indicates a lack of confidence.

However, the most important point that you should know is that when you avoid underlining your Signature, it shows that you are a non-fussy person. That means that you don’t have any desire in your life to feel important or noticed. You just want to go with the flow.

But do you know when you underline once and upward, it shows the optimism and creativity in your, especially in your professional field? You can also underline upward and downward to let others realize your presence and achievements.

Putting a Dot at the end of Signature

When you add a dot after your Signature, this showcases that you have a strong self-awareness. You just know what you want to bring to the table. You know what? You can also exhibit sincerity or seriousness in your business even if as a person you might be the one with a jolly and light-hearted nature.

Do you know the best thing about adding a dot? You can literally showcase powerful or impactful leadership qualities to every person. So, if you are in business, you can use the dot at the end of your Signature to let others know about your power and knowledge.

Hard to Read Signature

Well, the hard-to-read Signature is said to be an illegible signature. However, if your Signature is easy for others to read, then it is said to be a legible signature. Your hard-tp-read Signature might look like scribbling some people.

Whereas, when your sign is easy to read, that means your life is sorted and you are an evenly-tempered person who is straightforward and filled with confidence.

Slanting Signature

So, the slanting Signature is basically an upward slant showing the ambition and confidence of an individual. Do you know with a slanting signature you can have developed a sense of ambition to look toward the future? Yes, that’s true.

A downward slant might show someone who lacks self-esteem, whereas a straight signature shows a balance in a person’s approach to life and work.

Signatures That You Should Avoid

Here are some signatures that you need to avoid, as they can affect your personality traits or affect your business:

  •  Small Signature
  •  Scribbled Signature
  •  Capital letters
  •  Strike-through Signature
  •  Circle around the Signature
  •  Drop in the last letter
  • Strokes at the beginning below the baseline of the Signature

Final Thoughts

So, the signatures can provide valuable insights into your emotions and behaviors. Now, you can easily find the reflection of any person’s personality by just checking the size, style, spacing, and pressure of an individual’s Signature.

Zoe Harrison

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