In any modern home, the bathroom should be a sanctuary. In a space where functionality meets relaxation, it’s essential to include that little bit of luxury to make the everyday feel more indulgent.

Designing a spa-like bathroom in your home involves more than just fixtures and fittings. From opulent materials to the most exquisite details, you’ll need a creative eye to seamlessly blend sophistication and practicality.

In this guide, we’ve explained how to design the perfect luxury bathroom in just seven simple steps.

7 Steps to Creating the Perfect Designer Bathroom

7 Steps to Creating the Perfect Designer Bathroom

Figure out Your Style

Firstly, you’ll need to work out your desired style. Start by imagining the finished project, with every detail you’d like to see in your new bathroom. Whether it’s traditional elegance or contemporary class, knowing your style will serve as a guidebook. Shape and texture play a huge part in defining your taste, so it’s worth experimenting.

Choose Your Materials

If you truly want your bathroom to feel like a spa, you’ll need to choose luxurious materials. From granite to glass and from marble to porcelain, materials add colour and texture in a way that can’t be replicated. Sensory decadence is key, and quality ceramic toilets and basins won’t go unnoticed.

Make a Statement

Whether you’d like a minimalist layout or an extravagant four-piece suite, you should find that perfect statement piece to serve as a focal point. In contemporary and classic bathroom design, free-standing bathtubs make an obvious choice. They’re elegant, but they can be as understated or as dominating as you’d like.

Install Some Tech

Install Some Tech

If you’re upgrading to a smart home, don’t neglect the bathroom! There are plenty of smart bathroom technologies to get your head around before you start your project. From water-saving devices to smart lighting and entertainment systems, there are several ways to incorporate the very best technologies into your bathroom routine.

Add Personal Touches

Luxury and personalisation are so closely linked. You should try to tailor your bathroom with bespoke fittings and subtle details to allude to your taste. From handmade tiles to locally crafted light fittings, there are so many ways to inject your personality in your bathroom without making the space overbearing.

Focus on Lighting

Focus on Lighting

Don’t underestimate the effect of thoughtfully planned lighting in your bathroom. You should try to illuminate the space with a mixture of lighting types, in a technique known as layering. A combination of ambient lighting and accent lighting works particularly well in the bathroom. You can implement this easily with LED mirrors paired with trendy bathroom lights.

Keep It Organised

Lastly, you won’t be able to relax in your bathroom if it’s cluttered. Keep things tidy by installing ample storage solutions, ensuring full functionality without compromising on the atmosphere. From hidden cabinets to floating shelves, there are so many ways to create a streamlined look that works for you. All that’s left to do is fill those cupboards with the essentials!

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