Have you heard of the ‘coquette’ aesthetic? It’s one of the latest trends taking TikTok and other social media platforms by storm – but what does it involve?

The coquette aesthetic taps into a flirtatious and playful persona. Think delicate detailing on garments and hair tied up with bows. There’s an air of historical elegance intertwined with these looks, plus a clear nod to ‘girlhood’ trends. The colour palette tends to reflect this classic, romantic feel with pastel colours and plenty of pinks. While it was initially rooted in fashion it’s gradually manifested into a lifestyle aesthetic that you can apply to your day-to-day.

Some people are using the feminine principles of the coquette trend for interior design purposes. If you’re lusting after a coquette-style bathroom in particular, keep reading.

Colour Scheme

Colour Scheme

When it comes to the colours, pastel hues are the way to go. Some popular colours that help to create the coquette style include:

  • Blush pink
  • Lavender
  • Mint green

Not only do these colours tap into a typically feminine feel, but they also create a sense of calm. This is why the trend is so well suited to a bathroom.

You can apply these colours in several ways, including tiles on the wall or floor, as well as with paint. Don’t forget about accessories either. You can play around with different coquette-style colours until you find a balance that works for you, whether in a more minimalist or maximalist sense.

Vintage Accents

Vintage Accents

Sometimes, it’s the detail that matters. Lace detailing on soft furnishings and towels that match the aesthetic of the space will help to pull everything together. This is your chance to go all out with accessories too, such as vintage mirror frames, spectacular candlestick holders and antique-style trays to store your cosmetics. It’s all about injecting a touch of old, English charm



The ambience is an important part of the coquette lifestyle, which means that lighting is key. You need to achieve soft and diffused lighting that will make you feel incredibly indulgent. The lighting itself needs to look the part as well, whether with frosted lamp shades or wall lamps.

Illuminated mirrors also add a touch of glamour and functionality to a bathroom as they align with the criteria of ‘indulgence’. Don’t forget candles either, as these are perfect for creating an air of romance.

Textures and Extra Details

As you may have gathered, texture is an important element. Steer away from minimalism and get experimental with flamboyant details that add much-needed extravagance to proceedings. Don’t shy away from decorations, whether this includes porcelain figurines or flowers in vases or jugs. Soft furnishings such as rugs and velvet upholstering will help to add a ‘living room’ feel to your bathroom, which although it may sound odd, is in tune with the way many people decorated this part of the house historically.


Dr. Alexander Reed

Dr. Alexander Reed, with a Ph.D. in Structural Engineering from MIT, brings over two decades of experience in the construction industry. Before joining our team as a freelancer in 2019, he led several high-profile construction projects and taught at Washington University. His expertise, gained from managing large-scale urban development projects, enriches our content since 2019. He is an advocate for green building practices and has consulted on various eco-friendly initiatives. In his free time, Dr. Reed is an avid sailor and enjoys writing about the intersection of architecture and environmental sustainability.

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