Puzzle games are one of the most fascinating ways to shape children’s critical thinking.

However, to help with cognitive abilities, not every game is appropriate to be taken up and thus requires a perfect balance of several options for overall development.

To help you with the ways through which you could develop multiple aspects in your kids, we have shortlisted and curated a perfect list of top-quality puzzle games for your kids.

This article shortlists 10 such puzzle games that are not only entertaining but educational as well for kids.

The list has everything, from the conventional jig-saw to the iconic sudoku. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Top Puzzle Games for Kids

There are plenty of puzzle games that you can leave your kids with. These are fun, can be played almost anywhere, and are readily available in the market.

1. Jig Saw Puzzle Game

Jig Saw Puzzle Game

The conventional Jigsaw Puzzle games are curated by breaking a well-established picture into several shapes that don’t have a regular shape.

This game is the most common of all the puzzle games. The prime aim of the game is to assemble all the puzzle pieces to get back the original image.

The intensity of the game can be hindered based on the age group of the kids. The best part of the game is that it is available in two and three dimensions.

2. Word Puzzle Game

Word Puzzle Game .JPG

World-related puzzle games are another game best suited for kids. This game, as shown, consists of a grid and matrix with 15×15 or 20×20 dimensions.

The entire grid cells are filled with random letters of the alphabet in a manner that has meaningful words arranged anywhere in the grid.

The player must locate the world where the arrangement could be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

3. Sudoku

Sudoku .svg

It is the most popular and loved game on the list and is immensely loved by people of all ages.

Prominently famous among the kids. Most commonly, the game has a 9×9 grid formed as a square.

The big square further has 9 squares. The player’s role is to set numbers from 1-9 so that each box in the small square of 9 squares gets a number without any repetition.

Further, the arrangement should be in all nine lines vertically and horizontally.

Sudoku helps kids improve their ability to memorize things and retain information in the best possible manner.

4. Spot the Difference Puzzle

Spot the Difference Puzzle

Yet another picture puzzle game at your helm. This game gives two or more pictures with almost identical settings and color combinations.

However, the catch that comes to the fore is the few differences that make a point of difference between the given number of images.

For any number of differences the image contains, the competing players must locate it, and whoever does it in the shortest time eventually wins.

5. Swapping Puzzle Game

Swapping Puzzle Game

A swapping game is one of the most famous examples of puzzle games that kids love.

This game consists of images of different objects cut into equal dimensions.

Later, the images are arranged identically on the wooden cardboard.

In the game, you are required to move the smaller pieces of the image within the frame.

By doing and tweaking the movement horizontally and vertically, you will have to match the images with each other.

This game enhances the kid’s ability to recognize the patterns and make the arrangments.

6. Picture Crossword Puzzle Game

Picture Crossword Puzzle Game

There are many different digital versions of picture crossword puzzle games available online.

But if you find it in the market, you will typically find picture crossword puzzles in pen and paper format.

Usually, it is made up of several little square bricks affixed to one another.

A little image is subsequently connected to each row or column of these blocks.

The game’s primary objective is to insert the word of the object whose image is related to the row’s or column’s initial block into the vacant rows and columns.

7. Matching Shadow Puzzle

Matching Shadow Puzzle .jpg

This puzzle game is among the most appropriate for children and is super fun.

Usually, it involves images of various commonplace things along with their shadows.

Finding matching objects with precise shadows is the primary goal of the game.

This aids a child’s comprehension of similarities and the many kinds of shadows cast by objects at various lighting angles.

Playing the match-the-shadow puzzle game gives kids more self-assurance and enhances their ability to recognize patterns.

8. Guessing the Next Pattern

Guessing the Next Pattern

Guessing the next pattern puzzle game consists of a series of interrelated images and has a blank box.

There is a specific pattern in which the objects or geometric forms drawn on the images are related.

For example, the pattern puzzle game Guess the Next has three pictures of an arrow.

The player must now determine the direction of the arrow in the fourth image, which, in this instance, should point left to solve the problem.

Finding the appropriate image pattern to finish the set of four photographs is the game’s eventual goal.

The game enhances the player’s capacity for observation and focus by playing with the patterns in the given format.

9. Searching Objects Puzzle Game

Searching Objects Puzzle Game .png

An object search is a game that typically fits into the category of kid-friendly image puzzles.

The game comprises an image, colored or black and white, with several strategically placed concealed objects.

The item search puzzle game’s objective is for the player to find as many concealed objects as possible in the image.

This lowers the player’s stress level and enhances their ability to observe.

This game is immensely popular among medical professionals as it is used as an exercise to treat and cure various mental health issues.

10. Coordinates Puzzle

Coordinates Puzzle

Indulging in the coordinates puzzle game is exciting and develops a child’s motor skills.

This game consists of a grid or matrix divided into several blocks of equal size and dimension.

The game’s main idea is to color the blocks based on the provided image.

To improve concentration and focus, the player must estimate the precise location of the block that needs to be filled with a specific hue.

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So, with this, we wrap our list of the 10 best puzzle games for child to sharpen their motor skills.

These puzzle games are the best therapy for enhancing your kids’ skill set at home.

There are plenty of other puzzle games as well that could be taken up.

The best part of the above list is that any game can be played anytime.

Every game brings the same degree of fun to enhance the child’s skill set.

How well did you like our list? Let us know in the comments below, and drop in your suggestions on what more could have been done in the article.

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