The Bible is a timeless text with its scriptures revered by millions worldwide. It has transcended generations and cultures and offers guidance and spiritual teachings to many.

It has multiple layers of stories and lessons which are yet to be discovered. The Bible trivia for kids has been a tool in shaping civilizations and inspiring countless art forms.

Are you an enthusiast who wants to test your knowledge about the teachings, scriptures, and stories encapsulated in the Bible?

Dive into the following riveting collection of questions, along with their correct answers. These questions are perfect for you if you’re playing a game with your friends or even for a trivia night.

Bible Trivia for Kids: Questions and Answers

Bible Trivia for Kids

  1. Question: Which book of the Bible is known for its wisdom literature? Answer: Proverbs
  2. Question: Who was the mother of John the Baptist? Answer: Elizabeth
  3. Question: Which apostle was a tax collector before following Jesus? Answer: Matthew
  4. Question: Who said, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Answer: Cain
  5. Question: What is the symbolic significance of Jesus feeding 5000 people with five loaves and two fish? Answer: Divine providence and abundance
  6. Question: In which city was Saul converted to Christianity? Answer: Road to Damascus
  7. Question: What weapon did Jael use to kill Sisera? Answer: Tent Peg
  8. Question: Which prophet was told by God to marry a prostitute? Answer: Hosea
  9. Question: Who had a coat of many colors? Answer: Joseph
  10. Question: What was the first of the Ten Plagues of Egypt? Answer: Water turned into blood
  11. Question: Who is the only female judge mentioned in the Book of Judges? Answer: Deborah
  12. Question: Who built the Ark of the Covenant? Answer: Bezalel
  13. Question: What were the names of Abraham’s first and second wife? Answer: Sarah and Keturah
  14. Question: Which New Testament book has Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount? Answer: Matthew
  15. Question: Who was the first Christian martyr stoned to death? Answer: Stephen
  16. Question: Which angel appeared to Mary to tell her she would conceive Jesus? Answer: Gabriel
  17. Question: Which apostle walked on water with Jesus? Answer: Peter
  18. Question: What is the final battle between good and evil called? Answer: Armageddon
  19. Question: Who was Lazarus’ sister? Answer: Mary and Martha
  20. Question: Who was the first man to see the risen Christ? Answer: No man; the first person to see the risen Christ was Mary Magdalene
  21. Question: Which book of the Bible contains the Lord’s Prayer? Answer: Matthew
  22. Question: What animal did Balaam hit three times before it spoke to him? Answer: Donkey
  23. Question: Which prophet was thrown into a fiery furnace? Answer: None; Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were thrown into the furnace, but they were not prophets.
  24. Question: Who were the two sons of Isaac and Rebekah? Answer: Esau and Jacob
  25. Question: What city’s walls fell after Joshua’s army marched around it for seven days? Answer: Jericho
  26. Question: What kind of wood was Noah’s Ark built from? Answer: Gopherwood
  27. Question: Who denied knowing Jesus three times before the rooster crowed? Answer: Peter
  28. Question: Who was the Roman Emperor during Jesus’ crucifixion? Answer: Tiberius
  29. Question: Who is known as the weeping prophet? Answer: Jeremiah
  30. Question: Which disciple did Jesus love? Answer: John
  31. Question: What was the second plague in Egypt? Answer: Frogs
  32. Question: Who recognized Jesus as the Christ when He was still an infant? Answer: Simeon and Anna
  33. Question: To whom did Jesus say, “Get behind me, Satan!”? Answer: Peter
  34. Question: What was the name of Moses’ sister? Answer: Miriam
  35. Question: Which king had a handwriting on the wall? Answer: Belshazzar
  36. Question: Who was the father of John, the writer of Revelation? Answer: Zebedee
  37. Question: In which body of water was Jesus baptized? Answer: Jordan River
  38. Question: Who was the first Christian missionary? Answer: Paul
  39. Question: What does the name “Emmanuel” mean? Answer: God with us
  40. Question: Which king asked for the foreskins of 200 Philistines? Answer: Saul
  41. Question: Who was the oldest man in the Bible? Answer: Methuselah
  42. Question: Which disciple was known for doubting Jesus’ resurrection? Answer: Thomas
  43. Question: Who was the queen of King Ahasuerus? Answer: Esther
  44. Question: What were the gifts of the three Wise Men to Baby Jesus? Answer: Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh
  45. Question: Who is the author of the Book of Revelation? Answer: John
  46. Question: In which city were the disciples first called Christians? Answer: Antioch
  47. Question: What was the first thing that God created? Answer: Light
  48. Question: Who is the father of Joseph, the husband of Mary? Answer: Jacob
  49. Question: What was the occupation of Matthew before he became a disciple? Answer: Tax Collector
  50. Question: What was the second temptation of Jesus in the wilderness? Answer: Jumping from the pinnacle of the Temple
  51. Question: Who were the first apostles called to follow Jesus? Answer: Peter and Andrew
  52. Question: Which of Jesus’ disciples was a zealot? Answer: Simon
  53. Question: Who was known as the father of the faithful? Answer: Abraham
  54. Question: What type of bird brought Elijah food while he was hiding in the Kerith Ravine? Answer: Ravens
  55. Question: How many silver pieces did Judas receive for betraying Jesus? Answer: Thirty
  56. Question: What was the name of the mountain where Moses received the Ten Commandments? Answer: Mount Sinai
  57. Question: Which book of the Bible records the majority of the sayings of Jesus? Answer: Matthew
  58. Question: Who was thrown into a lion’s den for refusing to pray to the king? Answer: Daniel
  59. Question: What does the name “Isaac” mean? Answer: He laughs
  60. Question: What was the name of the place where Jesus was crucified? Answer: Golgotha
  61. Question: How many years did the Israelites wander in the wilderness? Answer: Forty
  62. Question: Who was the high priest of Israel when Jesus was crucified? Answer: Caiaphas
  63. Question: Who was the first person to die in the Bible? Answer: Abel
  64. Question: Who was the second king of Israel? Answer: David
  65. Question: Who was the disciple known as “The Twin”? Answer: Thomas
  66. Question: Who was the king who ordered the babies in Bethlehem to be killed? Answer: Herod the Great
  67. Question: Who was the disciple known for his generosity to the poor? Answer: Barnabas
  68. Question: What was the name of Abraham’s nephew? Answer: Lot
  69. Question: Who said, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” Answer: Jesus
  70. Question: Who wrote the Book of Hebrews? Answer: The authorship is unknown, traditionally attributed to Paul
  71. Question: What was the name of the angel who appeared to Mary and Joseph separately? Answer: Gabriel
  72. Question: Who wrote the majority of the Psalms? Answer: David
  73. Question: Which apostle was a physician by profession? Answer: Luke
  74. Question: What was the first recorded miracle of Jesus? Answer: Turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana
  75. Question: What was the sign of the covenant between God and Noah? Answer: Rainbow
    God and Noah
  76. Question: Who wrote the Book of Acts? Answer: Luke
  77. Question: Which prophet foretold the birth of Jesus? Answer: Isaiah
  78. Question: Which apostle took the place of Judas Iscariot? Answer: Matthias
  79. Question: Who anointed Jesus’ feet with perfume? Answer: Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus
  80. Question: How many people were aboard Noah’s Ark? Answer: Eight
  81. Question: Who were the two spies who gave a good report of the Promised Land? Answer: Joshua and Caleb
  82. Question: Who wrote the Book of Lamentations? Answer: Jeremiah
  83. Question: Who were the parents of Samuel? Answer: Hannah and Elkanah
  84. Question: Which king was known for his wisdom? Answer: Solomon
  85. Question: Which prophet had a vision of the Valley of Dry Bones? Answer: Ezekiel
  86. Question: Who said, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.”? Answer: Job
  87. Question: What was the name of the garden where Adam and Eve lived? Answer: Garden of Eden
  88. Question: Which of the apostles was known as the “Son of Thunder”? Answer: James and John, the sons of Zebedee
  89. Question: Who was the mother of Ishmael? Answer: Hagar
  90. Question: Who said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”? Answer: Jesus
  91. Question: What was the name of the sea where Jesus calmed the storm? Answer: Sea of Galilee
  92. Question: Who was the father of Solomon? Answer: David
  93. Question: How many days was Lazarus dead before Jesus raised him? Answer: Four days
  94. Question: Which Gospel was written by a tax collector? Answer: Matthew
  95. Question: Which prophet married Gomer? Answer: Hosea
  96. Question: Who said, “I am the resurrection and the life.”? Answer: Jesus
  97. Question: How many tribes of Israel were there? Answer: Twelve
  98. Question: Who interpreted Nebuchadnezzar’s dream? Answer: Daniel
  99. Question: Who is called the Prince of Peace? Answer: Jesus
  100. Question: Who was the first Christian martyr after Stephen? Answer: James, the brother of John
  101. Question: Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? Answer: Moses
  102. Question: How many days and nights did it rain during the flood in the time of Noah? Answer: 40 days and 40 nights
  103. Question: Which biblical figure was known for his strength and long hair? Answer: Samson
  104. Question: Who betrayed Jesus to the Romans? Answer: Judas Iscariot
  105. Question: What is the shortest verse in the Bible? Answer: John 11:35, “Jesus wept.”
  106. Question: Who was swallowed by a whale? Answer: Jonah
  107. Question: Which woman is celebrated for her bravery in the Book of Esther? Answer: Queen Esther
  108. Question: Who was the first king of Israel? Answer: Saul
  109. Question: How many books are in the New Testament? Answer: 27
  110. Question: What were the first words spoken by Jesus in the Gospel of Mark? Answer: “The time has come. The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!”
  111. Question: Who was the tax collector that climbed a tree to see Jesus? Answer: Zacchaeus
  112. Question: What is the Golden Rule? Answer: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” (Matthew 7:12)
  113. Question: Who was the first martyr of the Christian faith? Answer: Stephen
  114. Question: How many plagues did God send on Egypt? Answer: Ten
  115. Question: Which Old Testament character was sold into slavery by his brothers? Answer: Joseph
  116. Question: Which prophet was called by God when he was a child? Answer: Samuel
  117. Question: Who recognized Jesus as the Messiah when he was presented at the Temple as a baby? Answer: Simeon and Anna
  118. Question: Who was the king of Babylon during the Babylonian captivity? Answer: Nebuchadnezzar
  119. Question: How many disciples did Jesus have? Answer: Twelve
  120. Question: What is the longest book in the Bible? Answer: Psalms
  121. Question: Who was the first person to come across the injured man in the parable of the Good Samaritan? Answer: A priest
  122. Question: Which Gospel is written by a doctor? Answer: Luke
  123. Question: What did God create on the fourth day of creation? Answer: The sun, the moon, and the stars
  124. Question: Who was the father of John the Baptist? Answer: Zechariah
  125. Question: Which Old Testament book ends with a curse? Answer: Malachi
  126. Question: Who was the first woman? Answer: Eve
  127. Question: Who interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh? Answer: Joseph
  128. Question: What did Jesus turn into wine at the wedding in Cana? Answer: Water
  129. Question: Who cut off the ear of the high priest’s servant at the time of Jesus’ arrest? Answer: Peter
  130. Question: How many times did Peter deny Jesus? Answer: Three times
  131. Question: Who was the Roman governor of Judea at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion? Answer: Pontius Pilate
  132. Question: How many books of the Bible are named after women? Answer: Two (Ruth and Esther)
  133. Question: Who was the prophet that confronted King David about his sin with Bathsheba? Answer: Nathan
  134. Question: What did Solomon ask for from God? Answer: Wisdom
  135. Question: Who was thrown into the lion’s den? Answer: Daniel
  136. Question: Who is the only archangel mentioned in the Bible? Answer: Michael
  137. Question: What is the last word in the Bible? Answer: Amen
  138. Question: Who was turned into a pillar of salt? Answer: Lot’s wife
  139. Question: In what city was Jesus born? Answer: Bethlehem
  140. Question: How many commandments did God give to Moses? Answer: Ten
  141. Question: What type of insect did John the Baptist eat in the desert? Answer: Locusts
  142. Question: Who were the parents of Cain and Abel? Answer: Adam and Eve
  143. Question: By what name did God reveal Himself to Moses? Answer: I AM
  144. Question: Who was the brother of Moses? Answer: Aaron
  145. Question: Which Gospel begins with a genealogy of Jesus? Answer: Matthew
  146. Question: Who baptized Jesus? Answer: John the Baptist
  147. Question: What is the last book of the Old Testament? Answer: Malachi
  148. Question: Who was the richest king in the Bible? Answer: Solomon
  149. Question: What did the Israelites eat in the desert? Answer: Manna
  150. Question: Who was the first Christian convert in Europe? Answer: Lydia

Summing It Up

The above list is a wholesome list to put your knowledge about the Bible to the test. The questions are even perfect for a small group of friends playing together or for a trivia night. These questions will take you and others on a journey through the Bible’s most intriguing and fascinating passages.

As a result of this, you will develop a deeper understanding of the scriptures, and it will strengthen your connection with timeless wisdom. You will also understand how the timeless teachings of the Bible trivia for kids are applicable even today.

Dive into the world of questions and let the spiritual insight game begin!

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