We all are quite fond of our pets, are we not? We all consider them the cutest and sweetest among all. But do you ever wonder if they are also the smartest among all?

There can be different criteria for choosing a pet, and it may also differ from person to person. To explore some smart pet options, check out our feature on animals that start with t.

However, we all want our pets to be understanding and intelligent so that we can connect with them better.

So, how do you choose the smartest one among them? Is there a specific category they belong to? Can we categorize them under names such as animals that start with d or others?

In this blog, we will unravel some of these facts. Read on to learn more!

The Smartest Pets!

A lot of research on animals has proven that animals are just a little behind humans in terms of intelligence. Although undoubtedly, some animals can be considered smarter than others. Let’s check them out.

1. Birds


It may seem unbelievable, but the birds are one of the smartest creatures in the world. They have a high level of intelligence and problem-solving skills.

They are even considered to have a high degree of endurance and cognitive functions compared to other animals. The African grey parrots, specifically, are considered the most intelligent bird all over the world.

They can mimic human actions and have a good memory. Undoubtedly they can prove to be the smartest pets of all.

However, due to their specific abilities, they may not be easily available. Crows are also one of the smartest birds known to the world.

2. Pigs


If you are also fond of these cute cuddly animals, then there’s good news for you. Pigs can also prove to be among the smartest animals in the world.

They may appear dumb, however, the reality is often not what you see. Many psychologists agree that the memory and spatial abilities of pigs can be compared to small human kids.

They are also quite social just like humans and like to live in groups. They can adjust easily to the environment and can be quite emotionally intelligent. They are ideal farm pets and can be kept in groups as well as individually.

3. Dogs


If you expected dogs to be on this list, you are not wrong. We all know how smart dogs can be. We have seen them follow the trail, we have seen them follow the commands and whatnot.

Besides being known for their olfactory abilities, dogs are also called a man’s best companion because of their ability to understand their emotions and act on them.

They can easily follow your rules and gestures. Different breeds of dogs have different intelligence. For example “border collie” is known to be the smartest breed of dog among all. Some other dog breeds famous for their intelligence are German Shepherd, poodle, golden retriever, etc.

4. Cats

Scientist Cat

If you also prefer cats over dogs and still want an intelligent pet. Don’t worry! Cats are also among one of the most intellectual animals in the world.

While cats are known to be extremely demanding and want more attention than dogs, they can be extremely good at retaining information and navigating.

The Abyssinian species of cat is quite famous for carrying the highest intelligence among all the species of cats. They are said to have great abilities in learning and drawing inferences.

Cats are also extremely friendly and loyal animals. Although some people say they can be a little impatient compared to dogs, their cuteness overpowers this drawback.

5. Mice and Rats

Mice and Rats

Mice and rats are also ranked high on the scale of Intelligence quotient. They have excellent problem-solving and memory.

Although usually the victim of laboratory experiments, these animals are not only known for their communication abilities but also for being quite loyal to their owners.

They are also very social and understand when they are being loved. They can recognize patterns and can retaliate against various stimuli. Kids are usually very fond of them owing to their easy bonding and cute expressions.

Rats are also known to be very clean and easy to care for. Just like dogs and cats, they also like gentle massages on their belly.


Various studies on animals have indicated that they can perform many activities and retain a lot of information. Some have better spatial abilities, while some have capacities of strategic reasoning.

While choosing a pet for yourself, you can consider these facts and make a decision. If you are looking specifically for the animal with the highest IQ, birds would be an obvious choice.

Dogs and cats are better alternatives if you want more than just the ability to understand and retaliate. Drop a comment about your favorite pet!

Jonathan Green, M.Ed.

Jonathan Green is an esteemed Education Specialist with an impressive track record. He holds a Master's degree in Education alongside bearing expertise in Child Psychology. He began his career as a special education teacher, gaining insights into diverse learning needs. His previous experience includes leading teacher training programs and authoring several papers on early childhood education. His extensive experience is reflected in his insightful articles and webinars. Outside of his professional life, Jonathan is an enthusiastic gardener and a volunteer at local community education centers.

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