If you are a literature fanatic or have been into Victorian novels, you must have heard about the famous game of Consequences.

This game surely brings a lot of nostalgia for childhood since those are the times when digital screens did not so blind us. Many parlour games were famous in Victorian novels, but Consequences always had a special charm. 

Are you curious to know how the game of Consequences works? Then you have come to the right place.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about the game’s consequences and help you start with your friends and family.  

Comprehensive Guide for the Game of ‘Consequences’

Comprehensive Guide for the Game of 'Consequences'

1. Origin of Consequences

This game originated in 19th-century England among the literary and elite circles. 

Originating from the heart of 19th-century England, ‘Consequences’ emerged as a favored parlor game among the literary and elite circles.

This game reflected the era’s values and aspirations. This game can be played with multiple players sitting in a group.

It captures the imagination of its players and sends them to a world where stories are made by using one word at a time.

2. How to Play ‘Consequences’

‘Consequences’ is a parlor game that thrives on the player’s creativity and spontaneity. So, let’s get started:

  • Gather Supplies: All you need is paper and pens. Ensure everyone has a pen or pencil to write on paper.
  • Set the Scene: Decide on a theme. It could be a romance story, a mystery, or anything your heart desires.
  • Starting: Each player begins by writing a word or phrase at the top of their paper. This could be anything from “Once upon a time” to “In a galaxy far, far away.”
  • Fold and Pass: Fold the paper to hide the phrase and pass it to the next player. 
  • Keep it Going: Players continue this process, adding to the story with each turn. Remember, the fun lies in the unpredictability!
  • Reveal and Revel: Once the paper is full or everyone has had a turn, unfold and read aloud the collaborative story. Brace yourself for laughter, surprises, and perhaps a tale or two that’s truly unforgettable.

Its surprising that this game promises hours of entertainment with just a pen and paper and has endless storytelling potential. 

3. The Unfolding Narrative

The narrative or the story that gets made with passing the paper is truly the highlight of this game.

Every participant contributes a piece of the puzzle and is unaware of the larger story.

It’s this unpredictable nature that keeps the game and players intrigued.

For instance, a simple word like “umbrella” might follow “midnight rendezvous,” which can further lead the story toward anything.

Alternatively, “chocolate” after “love letter” could instantly transform a romance story into a kid’s story.

The beauty of ‘Consequences’ lies not just in the stories told but also in the shared experience of the people playing this game, where every participant adds their unique narrative and depth to the story. 

4. A Reflection of Society

If you think about it, this game can be very well used to understand the Victorian era’s various societal norms and nuances.

Since the game is based on 19th century England, the narratives or the stories built by the participants often reflect the thoughts and thinking of that time. 

In a time where overt dissent or critique of the government was frowned upon, ‘Consequences’ acted as a safe outlet for the struggles of the common people.

Through the stories and narratives, the game allowed players to challenge the rigid structures of their society. This is why the crafted stories often had the players’ aspirations, fears, and aspirations.

5. Modern Resurgence

We see this Victorian game’s resurgence in contemporary times for several reasons. First and foremost is the yearning for authentic human connections and genuine laughter. Since digital screens and virtual interactions occupy the world for us.

Did you know that Millennials and Gen Z, often criticized for their screen-centric lifestyles, are ironically at the forefront of reviving these analog gems? 

This appeal is multifaceted. For some, it’s a nostalgic feeling; for some, this seems like a chance to relive childhood joys.

Moreover, it’s a refreshing break from the relentless notifications and updates for others. Also, we cannot deny that the game is fun and can be played in large groups or with just two players.

This game offers space for spontaneity and creativity. As communities seek meaningful ways to reconnect, it’s heartening to see age-old games bridging generational gaps and sparking joy anew.

6. Why ‘Consequences’ Matters

1. Boosts Creativity: In a world that often demands regularity and discipline, ‘Consequences’ celebrates individual creativity and freedom of thought. It reminds the players of their power of imagination and the joy of spontaneous storytelling.

2. Building Connections: The game builds genuine connections among the players. As players collaborate to form a story, several barriers break down, which helps in strengthening the bonds.

3. Escape from Reality: In Consequences, anything is possible. It offers an escape from the everyday life.


The game of ‘Consequences’ is more than just a parlor game; it has become a way to form connections and strengthen bonds. As we struggle to navigate modern life, perhaps by including the game of Consequences, we can break free from the everyday mundane life and add some thrill and creativity to our lives.

So, the next time you find yourself in the company of friends or family, why not suggest a game of ‘Consequences’? Who knows where the stories will take you? We are sure the laughs will be endless!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Format of The Game Consequences?

In earlier times, people used to play consequences in the traditional way, i.e., using pen and paper. However, today, you can play the game online even with friends or family who cannot physically be with you. Playing digitally would also mean fewer limits on the maximum number of people playing together. 

What Skills Do Consequences Develop in a Human?

Playing a game of Consequences will help nurture your creativity, refine your imagination, and help you socialize with your friends often. This game acts as a necessary break from everyday life and subtly allows people to get together and share laughter. 

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