Are you planning a family trip to the Dutchess Country (Northeast) and looking for a fun and exciting zone for your kids?

Then America’s biggest little waterpark, also known as SplashDown Beach, is the best option to explore.

This beach waterpark gets its title – America’s biggest little waterpark’ due to its children-friendly infrastructure and exciting water rides that suit kids of all ages.

The biggest attraction of SplashDown Beach is the Arctic Mammoth, which stands six stories tall and 600 feet long. So, in this water park, do not miss to click with this cook mammoth structure.

Also, you can find many interesting Wisconsin indoor water parks for your kids nearby.

Today, we will focus on SplashDown Beach -America’s biggest little water park- and share more details about the place.

Where is America’s Biggest Little Waterpark Located?

America's Biggest Little Waterpark is located in Reno, Nevada

America’s Biggest Little Waterpark, SplashDown Beach, is in Fishkill, Dutchess Country, US. This amazing kids’ water park got its title in 2018 from TripAdvisor for offering excellent and fun-filled rides for kids of all ages.

SplashDown is the perfect size for family rides, and once you experience the fun aquatic rides and games, the place will not feel so little.

Who Can Go to America’s Biggest Little Waterpark?

SplashDown Beach is a family-friendly waterpark in America, and most of its rides are suitable for families. However, different rides come with different sizes and height restrictions.

Not only that, the riding posture is also under state manufacturing guidelines. So, people with certain disabilities, braces, or casts may be unable to enjoy certain attractions and rides for safety reasons.

Top Attractions at The Waterpark

Two children in life jackets excitedly stand in front of a water park, ready to enjoy its top attractions

SplashDown Beach has endless fascinating rides and games that suit kids of different ages. Here is a list of the top attractions at America’s biggest little waterpark you can explore with your family.

1. Mini Splash Park for Kids

The mini splash park for kids in SplashDown Beach is dedicated to young children and family adventures. Here, you can find various small-scale water games for kids.

2. Shipwreck Lagoon

The shipwreck lagoon of SplashDown Beach has pirate ships, interactive water features, and slides for young kids. In this section, you can let your kids explore the space and relax while watching them.

3. Cowabunga Fall

Cowabunga Fall consists of three water rides, each 300 ft above height, filled with exciting tunnels, turns, and twists. All of these slides end in a big splashing pool.

4. Arctic Mammoth

As mentioned earlier, the Arctic Mammoth is one of the popular attractions at SplashDown Beach. Here, you walk up to a 6 stories tall structure and then come down on a 600-foot-long slide.

5. Arctic Plunge Racer

After Arctic Mammoth, you must try the Arctic Plunge Racer. It is a series of classic steep slides placed in a row for racing.

6. Croc Creek Wavy Lazy River

The Croc Creek Wavy Lazy River is another popular attraction in this waterpark. The bucket dumps and geysers are great for additional thrills and adrenaline rush.

7. Bullet Bowl and Pirates Plunge

The Bullet Bowl and Pirates Plunge splash rides have single and doubled-up riding options with twists, turns, and tunnels that end in a single splashing pool.

8. Humunga Pipe

The Humunga Pipe slide is the only zero gravity half-pipe ride in New York and one of the scariest rides in America’s Biggest Little Waterpark

Food Options Available at The Waterpark

Beach umbrellas and chairs set up on the sand, with food options available at the waterpark

America’s biggest little waterpark, SplashDown Beach, has everything inside to help its guests spend their entire day without any hassles, including food.

Here, you can get several dining options for you and your family. Some famous treats you can enjoy here are- Cowabunga grills, Humanga burgers, boardwalk pizza, Frosty Shack, Sweet Harvest Cafe, and more.

Tips for Visiting the Biggest Waterpark with Your Family

You can follow the below-mentioned tips for a blasting and memorable visit to America’s biggest little waterpark:

  • Reserve your tickets: Reserving your tickets one or two days ahead is helpful to prevent last-minute disappointments.
  • Reach early: The park tends to get crowded in the daytime, so reaching early is essential. Start early when the place is not crowded yet.
  • Choose your lounging option wisely: The waterpark has various lounging options, including a cabana or luxury lounge, which are cost-effective. So, choose according to your needs.
  • Know what they allow: For instance, they do not allow food or drinks but allow water bottles. So, visit the official website and learn what they allow on-site and what not.
  • Bring a wagon for toddlers: If you have parked at a good distance, try to bring a wagon for your toddler to carry all their change and towels.
  • Try to bring water shoes: Water shoes are essential for a hassle-free, smooth experience. So, remember to bring them with you.
  • Use a map: Even though there is a little word in its name, the place has too many rides and attractions. So, bringing a map is a must.
  • Avoid eating during peak hours: It would be wise to eat off-peak hours and utilize the peak hour for riding instead.
  • Know the intensity of different rides:  Learning about the intensity of each ride is crucial because different rides have different intensities, and not all of them will be suitable for your kids.
  • Know your group’s height and weight: The park rides also have height and weight requirements. So, visit the official website and read about ride requirements before visiting the park.


SplashDown Beach, known as America’s biggest little waterpark, is a great pleasure spot to explore with your family, especially the kids.

The waterpark is filled with exciting water rides, slides, and games to enjoy with your entire family, such as Arctic Mammoth, Cowabunga Fall, Humanga half-pipe, and much more.

Besides the thrilling rides here, you can have various lounging and dining options to spend your entire day at the park.

Above, we have discussed a brief guide to America’s biggest little waterpark and everything you need to know about it.

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