Rapid digitization has completely transformed our world. The way of living, earning, learning and even spending leisure time is completely shifted.

Though it all was meant to increase the convenience in life, and it has undoubtedly. But with all the convenience, complexity in relationships and mental pressure also increases.

Almost every 1 in 4 individual is currently having mental or neurological issues. This data is collected with the help of cheap dissertation writing services. Therefore, the requirement for health coaches increased rapidly. They are the individual who guides, help and motivate people to change their lifestyle habits and regulate their normal daily functions.

The overall health coach market is worth; $6.14 billion. These people are often confused with life coaches; though, there is a significant difference between them.

Health Coach V/S Life Coach

Health and life coaching is the sub-branch of coaching, but there are differences between both fields. The core differences between them are mentioned below;

Life Coach Health Coach
  • Help people in deriving strategies to remain happy.
  • They are solely focused on self-identification and actualization.
  • They are focused on a single aspect of life.
  • Help people in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • They focus on health and mental wellness.
  • They can transform the whole life of an individual.

Ways Health Coach Improves Lifestyle

The adequate health coach can be a revolutionary person in your life, charging only $100-$200/session.

They collect the basic elements of life from; mental, social, emotional, spiritual, physical, and environmental influences and draft your routine accordingly.

There focus on minute details and core aspects of life enable them to create a significant and direct impact on the lifestyles. Let’s discuss some of the major influences that it made on our lifestyles.

Enhancing Self-Efficacy

Self-efficacy can be defined as the; perception of an individual to perform a specific task or bring change behavior.

Enhancing self-efficacy is the core-focused area of health coaching. The health coaches set a specific goal with smaller milestones. When the clients achieve these smaller milestones, it increases their confidence.


The continuous growth in confidence initiates their self-efficacy process, and they become able to trust in themselves. It creates a major impact on reducing anxiety, maintaining work-life balance, and increasing mental wellness.

It also provides support in creating a more strong relationship with partners and other family members.

Initiating Self-Discovery Process

The self-discovery process is initiated by health coaches using a unique technique. They utilize the Motivational Interviewing (MI) technique to activate the process.

By using the technique, they ignite the behavior changing process in clients. This process supports them in shifting their lifestyle and quitting addictive habits.

MI enables clients to identify the basic barriers that restrict them from changing their lifestyle and habits. The coach in every session applies the MI technique; it allows the client to sneak under their thoughts and fears.


Once they have identified their fear and restrictions, it becomes easier to eliminate them. The confidence boosts rapidly with the capacity for change.

Regulating Eatery Habits

Your diet and eatery habit is the main element of health. There are almost 678,000 deaths in the US due to diet-related diseases, as per research conducted by cheap assignment service.

The food you eat is the core of your health and wellness. Many people are already concern about what they eat and how much did they eat. But it is still creating an impact on physical and mental health.


The health coaches provide the diet chart that provides details regarding your eatery routine. But it can be done by nutritionists, then why health coaches?

This is because doctors provide you diet chart, and now you are on your own to follow it. However, health coaches kept on taking feedbacks and follow up about your habits. The feel of accountability enforces clients to follow the routine and change their lifestyle adequately.

SMART Goal Management

The people who have specified goal are 14% more successful in contrary to people without goals. Though, the main struggle is in managing the goals.

The health coaches are the friendly accountable partners helping in the smart management of goals. They support in setting up a goal. In the next step, the goal is divided into smaller chunks. Now in every session, the client has to provide details regarding the achievement of that milestone.


The first reason why it is effective is the fear of accountability like the one we feel during availing any online service. The next is it reflects that someone cares for you, and it increases the motivation level.

Achievement of every milestone will increase the confidence level, supporting in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Stabilizing Mental Health

The most influential impact that health coaches create on the lifestyle is mental wellness.

There are almost 9.8 million Americans with suicidal thoughts. These stats depict the lower level of mental wellness across the nation.

The health coaches do not provide medication or any treatment to the patients. Instead, they enable them to become capable enough to solve their problems.


People who have mental illness see a doctor as a gardener, only blaming the plants. This, in some cases, creates a negative impact on the patient’s health.

Health Coaches are a Complete Package

Health coaches in any part of the world are considered to be the complete package. By the complete package, it means effective in every aspect of life.

The health coaches are more than a coach; they work as a mentor. They have ground-level knowledge about your life and can give you the best personal advice.

They are also flexible and bring rapid alterations in their practices to support the client’s requirements. Health coaches are your best friend who demands nothing and support at every stage of life.


Dr. Lisa Patel (Nutritionist)

Dr. Lisa Patel is a dietitian and nutritionist who has revolutionized children's health and eating habits for over a decade. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Washington and a Master’s in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University. Before joining our team in 2022, she worked with several NGOs focused on child nutrition and obesity prevention. Outside her professional life, she is an avid gardener and loves integrating her home-grown produce into family-friendly meals.

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