The first part of the year is always dead on the game front (most top games release before the holidays). However, as we head into April, the releases will gradually start to heat up. If you’ve got an Xbox Series X, then you’ll get plenty to look forward to. There’ll be some heavy hitters hitting Game Pass, and some awesome games on the store too.

Here are 7 of the top games.

Top Spin 2K25 – April 26th

Top Spin 2K25 – April 26thIt’s been a long time since we were playing Top Spin on the original Xbox. We have fond memories of the online mode, spending hundreds of hours battling our friends on the tennis court. With over a decade away, and some rather terrible tennis games released in that time frame, Top Spin is making a triumphant return with Top Spin 2K25.

We’ve been hankering for a good tennis game for a while, and we hope it delivers, even if it is going to have the typical MTX spin that 2K games are known for nowadays.

Prison Architect 2 – May 7th

Our next game is a unique one, since most people are not playing on their Xbox Series X for top-down tycoon games, but Prison Architect 2 is worth checking out. The original on the PC (and later consoles) was a huge hit.

Prison Architect 2 will task you with designing your own prison. Think of it as like Theme Park, only nobody is allowed to leave. Design the conditions you want your prisoners to be in (will you prioritize comfort or cash?), and complete missions along the way. This is the game you’ll easily spend hundreds of hours or more in.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 – May 21st

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 – May 21stPeople have been clambering for Hellblade 2 for a while. We swear every time we go online, we see comments like “where’s Hellblade 2?”. Well, it is finally here. If you’ve got Xbox Game Pass, it’ll be landing there day one. If you don’t, then you can easily pick it up using an Xbox gift card digital.

Hellblade 2 is an action-adventure game. Ninja Theory will take you on a puzzle-filled, enemy-filled journey through Norse Mythology and the mental state of the main character. Like the original, this game promises to push the console to the limit on the graphic front.

Ninja Theory have kept the story to themselves right now, but if it is like the original, expect to be engrossed from start to finish.

We can’t wait! It is already pre-downloaded!

MultiVerus – May 28th

OK. This may be a cheating a little bit, since the F2P brawler (similar to Smash Bros.) has been on Xbox before. It was just removed from the store for about a year, given a bit of a shakeup, and is now set for re-release.

The new version of MultiVersus promises to be better. We’re talking better graphics, better hit registration, more characters to tinker around with, and probably hours and hours spent playing with your friends.

Since this is a F2P game, you’ll be able to jump in really easily. Just download it, and then you’re ready to roll. Although, you might want to stock up your account with some Xbox credit. This way you’ll be able to buy some of the awesome characters.

Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail – July 2nd

Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail – July 2ndFinal Fantasy 14 is a new release to Xbox Series X consoles. By the time July rolls around, players should have managed to have made their way through the main story of this famous MMORPG, and they’ll be ready to hit the new expansion.

Dawntrail will launch on the Xbox alongside the other platforms (PlayStation and PC). Everybody will be able to play together too. How fun!

Play Dawntrail, and you’ll see why this game has millions and millions of players. It has a great story, some fantastic dungeons, and more content than you can shake a stick at. With a promised graphics update, the look won’t be too shabby either. There is a reason why it has millions of players, although expect the servers to crash on day 1. They always do when an FFXIV expansion releases.

System Shock – May 21st

Loved the original System Shock FPS? Well, it’s getting a remake. It is a long time coming, since it had to be funded through crowdfunding. However, if you’ve got an Xbox Series X, you’ll finally could enjoy it in May.

If you’ve played System Shock before, it probably needs no introduction. You’re alone in a space station. Your mission? Stay alive. Make progress. The game will throw puzzles and enemies at you, as you navigate through this ever-complex world. The remake will probably stay true to the original, other than the graphics. Trust us – you’ll going to feel more alone in that cyberpunk world than ever before.

We hope the story doesn’t change too much, since it was the highlight of the original. The way in which the story was delivered was so creative, since there were no NPCs to interact with (other than an evil AI), you’ll pick up discs and e-mails along the way, which help to tell the plot. As we said, it is an interesting plot, but it is one of the games you’ll need to read. We have absolutely no idea if this will change due to modern sensibilities. We hope not.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road – June 18th

The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road – June 18thFinally, we’ve got the next expansion to the multi-million player Elder Scrolls Online. In Gold Road, you’ll be heading to a region last seen in Oblivion. Expect to see tons of new quests and a whole new zone here. However, the main highlight is the addition of the ‘Scribing’ feature, which will let you craft your own spells when you play the game, which is rather nifty. We are hoping that this is something that will shake up the meta a bit.

Remember – there are more games than this slated to hit the Xbox Series X in 2024. The Xbox Store will list all of them, and we’ll try to keep you updated here at U7BUY. Rather than wait and see, take action now!

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