If the medical field has always intrigued you but you’re unsure how to start, becoming a medical assistant offers immediate challenges and future career prospects.

Medical assistants are part and parcel of healthcare teams, handling various tasks to guarantee top-notch patient care while aiding other staff with administrative and medical responsibilities.

Still not sure? Here are the top reasons to be a certified medical assistant in the USA, including Brooklyn.

Expanding Job Prospects

Expanding Job ProspectsEmployers often show preference for applicants possessing official certification in medical assisting, and there are multiple factors contributing to this inclination. Firstly, certification validates a medical assistant’s expertise and abilities.

It shows they possess the necessary skills for the job. Additionally, it highlights their commitment to the profession, as certification is not mandatory for medical assistants today. For those undergoing medical assistant training in Brooklyn, earning certification can greatly improve their job opportunities and professional reputation.

Nurse Journal also mentions that certified medical assistants face fewer legal issues, noting that “medical assistant certification is one way healthcare providers can protect themselves against malpractice lawsuits.” This is another benefit for potential employers.

More job opportunities mean greater choices for medical assistants. By earning certification, you are likely to receive more job offers – and therefore more options – than those who are not certified.

Stable Careers with Potential Advancement

Medical assistants are essential for the healthcare system’s support. However, those with education, training, and certification are often preferred. Completing a medical assistant program and obtaining professional certification can provide greater stability and security in your job. Additionally, it may create more opportunities for advancement.

Certification and education can be key for advancement in the medical field, leading to pay raises and opening doors to promotions, leadership roles, and specialization opportunities. In states where certification isn’t obligatory, having it demonstrates your employer’s commitment to quality, making you a more attractive candidate for specialized positions like podiatry or pediatrics.

Hospitals Prioritize Certified Nurses and Medical Assistants

Hospitals Prioritize Certified Nurses and Medical AssistantsThe U.S. is experiencing a rise in legal actions, prompting hospitals to seek certified healthcare staff to mitigate risks. Certification signifies commitment and specialized skills in the healthcare sector.

CMAs are employed across diverse healthcare settings prone to litigation, such as:

  • Physician practices
  • Hospitals
  • Outpatient centers
  • School health centers
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Clinical research
  • Diagnostic labs
  • Correctional facilities

Certified MAs Command Higher Salaries

Over 11,000 full-time MAs participated in the 2023 CMA (AAMA) Compensation and Benefits Report, revealing that certified CMAs earned an average hourly wage of $21.64, whereas uncertified counterparts earned $20.84.

Factors such as experience, location, work environment, and specialization influence earnings. Benefits like insurance coverage, membership fees, and conference expenses also affect income, with only 4% of respondents reporting no benefits..

Certification Affirms Competence and Expertise

MA certification confirms completion of necessary administrative and clinical training. Certification status is publicly accessible information for employers. AAMA’s national certification mandates accredited program completion.

Students engage in classes covering anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, medical management, documentation, coding, and administrative procedures. Additionally, participants must fulfill an unpaid internship component as part of their learning experience.

Fulfillment in Professional Achievement

Fulfillment in Professional AchievementEmployment in healthcare enables individuals to utilize their medical expertise to assist others. Alongside mastering medical procedures, assistants engage extensively with patients.

Duties span from welcoming patients to performing procedures like suture removal. Despite challenging days, each presents opportunities to learn new medical techniques.

Certification Affirms Clinical Expertise

Medical assistants perform both clinical and administrative duties, caring for patients with intricate needs necessitating advanced technology and continuous clinical evaluation. Obtaining certification assures employers of your competence and training to excel in your role, safeguarding the well-being of the patients you serve. Achieving certification from a recognized body provides further validation of your capabilities.

CEU Opportunities for Certified CMAs

CMAs need 60 CEUs for recertification via the AAMA. Some employers fund CEUs to enhance staff knowledge in their field. Nationally certified medical assistants under AAMA also get CEU access from the certifying body.

MAs completing CEU criteria via AAMA can recertify online or by phone. Opting for 30 CEUs elsewhere still requires online or mail-in recertification. AAMA provides CEUs via eLearning, magazine tests, self-study courses, and the yearly conference.

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