In the event of a pet getting sick or injured, time is of the essence in trying to solve that problem. Here are some of the veterinary clinics in Plano, TX that deal with urgent cases and handle them efficiently: Below is a guide to the best five emergency vets in Plano, TX – where your pets can get urgent care.

1. Preston Road Animal Hospital

Preston Road Animal Hospital

One of the city’s most-frequented emergency veterinary services is Preston Road Animal Hospital, which sits right in your neighborhood on Preston Rd. A team of veterinarians and support staff are on call 24 hours a day to help!

2. Location Name VCA Premier Animal Hospital and Pet Resort

VCA Premier Animal Hospital and Pet Resort, located in Plano – If you are after emergency vet care here is another good option. Located at 9337 Coit Road, they provide emergency veterinary services with an emphasis on compassionate care.

They have a team that is capable of managing too many sides to panic from an injury due to sudden illness. The hospital operates round the clock making sure that your pets get immediate attention as soon as required.

3. Legacy Veterinary Hospital

Legacy Veterinary Hospital

With a full range of both emergency care and concierge services, Legacy Veterinary Hospital on Independence Parkway is exclusively about owner experience. Pet emergencies are stressful and they do their best to put you at ease while offering treatment options that work.

Legacy Veterinary Hospital has at its core to provide emergency pet care as its Plano niche is built on a foundation of top-notch veterinarians and breakthrough medical science.

4. Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP) – Plano

Plano TCAP also provides general vet services and is an urgent care clinic. As a result, they are often recognized for being both affordable and hot on their mission to offer emergency care as several pets (and pet parents) want.

As it is an assessment on West Parker Road, the Ridgeview Animal Hospital will focus more on TCAP quick evaluation and remedy making them dependable and want urgent manufacturer bond Plano welfare choices.

5. The Animal Medical Center of Plano

Animal Medical Center of Plano 18th Street This facility in the neighboring town provides quality animal emergency care for pets. Their emergency care and immediate surgery treatment include critical trauma, life support, etc. With a team of highly experienced veterinarians and support staff on board, the pets are particularly cared for to provide an immediate recovery from emergencies.

6. UrgentVet – Plano

UrgentVet - Plano

With an emphasis on walk-in urgent veterinary care and same-day appointments, Urgent Vet takes a simplified new approach to caring for pets in need of immediate attention. They have weeknight hours until the evening, and on weekends so in case you are bleeding from your eye outside of normal business hours this could be a practical option.

Urgent Vet in Plano, TX is dedicated to providing care during emergencies when timely action can be the very difference between a positive or negative outcome, giving pet parents confidence knowing that their pets are getting fast and caring treatment.

Selecting the Best Urgent Vet in Plano TX

Location, the services provided, and availability are all critical factors when choosing an after-hours vet in Plano. You never know during what hours your pets might need a vet, therefore it is extremely important to reach an emergency animal hospital that has its transport and can easily get hold of you.

The one thing that can help you is searching for the advance of the nearest emergency veterinary clinics when things are out of hand. Check that the hours of operation work with your schedule and what type of services are available if you seek emergency treatment for things such as diagnostics, surgery, or intensive care.

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