We know that you wouldn’t want the whole world to read the messages you sent to your loved ones. So, Telegram is one of the most secure and useful messaging apps in the store. In this article we will tell you a bit more about the various Telegram apps and the best Telegram client, which are also safe and convenient.

More than a year ago, Telegram launched their premium subscription. However, these alternative services will give access to numerous opportunities and features. The majority of them are not even available on the original app.

These apps offer their users improved functionality and customization features. We will tell you more about them and their usability. A lot of useful features like this you will be able to find on Nicegram, one of the safest and richest Telegram clients.

Nicegram easily syncs across all your devices and can be used on both desktops, tablets, and phones.

Convenient Chat Filtering

Firstly, the majority of Telegram clients provide their users with the opportunity to filter the chats by thematic categories, which are usually called topics. These categories are assigned to popular channels automatically.

And the user is free to change them or delete them if necessary. This means that you don’t have to create endless folders anymore. The system provided by Telegram clients is more convenient and user-friendly than the original one. What is more, this is a great way to have quick access to all the necessary information.

By the way, it is important that topics are created and stored directly on a mobile device. If you reinstall an app, you will have to create it again.

Convenient Chat Filtering

New Features for Working with Folders

People who use folders in Telegram sometimes complain about the lack of settings. Some would like to turn off the All-Chats tab, others would like to check the type of notification counter. We couldn’t agree more. The number of settings for working with the folders is actually pretty low.

Telegram clients will help you to sort your folders and delete the ones you don’t really need. What is more, third-party apps will help you to optimize the way you work with folders. This kind of feature can be found on iMe Messenger, Plus Messenger, Nicegram.

New Features for Working with Folders

Message Translator

Those who constantly face the problem of the language barrier when communicating with native speakers of other languages will enjoy the built-in translation feature on Telegram. You can translate other people’s messages into your native language.

Currently, this feature is only available for those who use Telegram Premium. In spite of the fact that this is a premium feature on the original app, alternative clients easily make it free and flexible. The translation feature can be found on iMe Messenger, Vidogram, Telegram X.

Message Translator

Better Pinning Chats and Messages

A huge number of interlocutors, channel subscriptions and messages can turn the Telegram work environment into chaos, which can be avoided by using the pinning function of frequently used and most relevant chats.

Just right-click on the contact on the messenger (a long tap on the mobile version of the app), select the pin buttons in the menu, and the selected chat will always be at hand. A similar trick can be done with messages that can be fixed not only for yourself, but also for your conversation partners.

The problem is that the number of pinned chats on Telegram is limited. The good news is that Telegram clients will give you the opportunity to pin as many chats as you want. Don’t miss important messages with Telegram X, Nicegram, Plus Messenger.

Decryption of Voice and Video Messages

A tool for text transcription of voice and video messages is an indispensable assistant in situations where it is not possible to listen to audio or view media content. Just click on the decryption button next to such a message to get its text version.

It is important to understand that the feature is only relevant for voice and video messages. It doesn’t work smoothly with attached media files. Such a feature is available on Bettergram, Telegram X, Nicegram and other clients.

Decryption of Voice and Video Messages

If you require not just a messenger, but something much more functional, you should pay attention to Telegram clients. Explore all the opportunities of the app with the help of alternative apps and services.

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