WNBR LA is an annual event

The first WNBR LA was in 2004.

WNBR LA is going strong, and getting bigger and better than ever! We have had rides in 2004, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Each year our rides are getting bigger and better thanks to the amazing people who participate. Let us know if you want to help! Folks are always needed to volunteer and sponsor some expenses.

If you're new, get an idea of what to expect by checking out previous rides. And if you've been before, e-mail us to share your testimonies, photos and videos.


2016June 11Get ready!
2015June 27

We had 406 riders!

We Like LA
LA Times
LAist.com, 2015 June 5
LAist, 2015 June 27

2014June 14

We had a successful ride on June 14, 2014 with 350 to 400 riders. We had a lot more press coverage and wound up with our biggest ride ever! Check out the links for some of the cool articles about this year's ride.

LA Times, 2014 June 11
SMC Corsair, 2014 June 17
The Guardian
CBS Local
USC Neon Tommy

2013June 8

One word: amazing! THANK YOU. Thank you to the LAPD for escorting us and making the ride fun and safe. Thank you to the approximately 250 riders for being such positive, friendly, happy people. And thank you to those who gave time, water, ice, paint and more to make it possible. We all came together and did it! We exceeded last year's attendance! We had almost about 250 riders.

LAist, 2013/06/09
LA Weekly, 2013/06/10
Huffington Post, 2013/06/10
Huffington Post, 2013/06/11
Blitz Quotidiano, 2013/06/10

2012June 16

We had about 150-200+ participants.

KTLK AM 1150
LA Weekly slideshow
LAist, 2012 June 16
Huffington Post, 2012 June 19
LAist 2012 June 14
LAist, 2012 June 07
LA Times, 2012 June 06
93.1 JACK FM, 2012 June 07

2011June 11

laist.com, 2011 June 12

2010June 12
2009No ride this year.
2007No ride this year.
2006No ride this year.
2005 - 2007No ride.
2004June 12This was the first WNBR LA! There were seventeen riders who went down Venice Beach.
2008July 12