Keep it legal, keep it good!


The dress code is as bare as you dare. How bare? How dare? You decide for yourself. Express yourself! Send a message. Body-painting, bike decorating, and other creative expression is strongly encouraged. Nudity is optional. However, there are a few things that are not optional. We are together for human power and body freedom and this is not the place to stage your sexual interests.

No erections. You will be removed. Erections take your nudity from nude to lewd. From our friends at WNBR London: "When people are going to be naked in public for the first time, a common question is "What if I get an erection?" That's actually quite unlikely - you may be surprised at how quickly it feels completely normal for everyone around you to be naked! However, if it does happen then just put your pants back on until it goes away. Nobody will blame you for an involuntary physical reaction as long as you do something about it."

Human power

WNBRLA represents car independence and human power! Check out the global WNBR page to see what unifies World Naked Bike Rides all across the planet. WNBRLA advocates freeing our cities from oppressive, expensive, consumption-oriented infrastructure and social attitudes propped up by car-makers and oil companies. We all come together to celebrate a healthier future centered on the bicycle as a catalyst for change and freedom. As we criss-cross our urban landscapes in hundreds of different cities, we show the world that the bicycle is not only an effective mode of transportation, but bikes can also galvanize our communities, and bring more happiness, joy and more quality to our lives.

Body freedom

Of course, there is a reason why it is the World Naked Bike Ride. While our main focus is on human power, WNBR is also a celebration of body freedom, body positivity, and the crucial importance of respecting and accepting every person.

Nudity is not sexual. By going nude, we both open ourselves and free ourselves from judgment, stigma, shame-based marketing and unethical clothes manufacturing. We accept that all human bodies are worthy of existence and acceptance, and there is nothing revolting nor in need of being "covered up" about any human being of any height, age, shade, width, color, weight, shape, or insecurity! (Plus we get no tan lines.)

What else besides WNBRLA?

There are many options for family-friendly, non-sexual naturism and nudism. Naturism and nudism are often used interchangeably, and both refer to nudity outside of socially "acceptable" places such as locker rooms or, in certain cultures, co-ed family spas such as those in Korea, Finland and Sweden. Also, both can be practiced alone or in groups. However, naturism emphasizes a stronger connection to urban and natural outdoor spaces, while nudism is centered on indoor and domestic spaces.

Want to find some good places and nice groups? Los Angeles is a great place to be! Send us an e-mail to learn more about great, safe, respectful and family-friendly ways to enjoy nature au naturel.