Are you trying to get more visibility to your Instagram account? Perhaps you just want to finally prove yourself to the Instagram algorithm. Your approach to social media will make or break your success. Being able to snag more Instagram followers and continue to grow and build on your Instagram strategy is so important.

In 2024, there are some great Instagram marketing strategy ideas you can use to your advantage. Take a look at this guide as you build your Instagram content strategy and watch as you start to see growth and improvement. There is plenty to discover so let’s get started!

Try Buying Followers for Your Instagram Posts

One option that you can consider is to buy followers, likes, shares, and more for your Instagram account. SocialsGrow is the best site for buy instagram followers uk cheap, but there are other options too. When you use a buy service like this, the company will send real Instagram users to complete the action.

You can do this for almost all social media platforms out there too. The result is that your Instagram profile becomes more visible and then your content is more likely to show up on the Instagram explore page or in people’s feed posts. Using this service doesn’t negate the need to continue making quality content.

This is just a way to boost your Instagram page to be seen in more users feeds so you can increase your follower count and engagement. There are some things to consider:

  • Choose a company that will only use real new followers
  • Make sure you don’t have to provide a password
  • Look for secure checkout
  • Check out the reputation and any service guarantees
  • Make sure they have packages in your price range

Whether you buy followers or you get likes and shares for video content, it’s really quite effective.

Understand the Instagram Algorithm

Instagram’s algorithm is much like other social media. The more people interact with your Instagram presence, the most visible your content becomes. From Instagram stories and Instagram reels to Instagram ads or even a typical Instagram post, it all works the same. You need to be in the Instagram feed so that more people can see your content and engage with your content. The algorithm ultimately controls how visible you are.

So, get to know the algorithm and then create content in such a way that it appeals to the algorithm. Keep in mind that these methods are often changing and adapting so you will want to stay up to date and in the know for the best results. The goal is to be discovered by your target audience.

However, every type of engagement from Instagram followers will count. Stay within your target realm for creating high quality content, but don’t overthink it.

Make Your Instagram Bio Stand Out

One of the most important elements of your Instagram marketing strategy should be to set up an Instagram business account and then make your Instagram bio great. The bio is the first impression you get to make on social media. It’s what tells people who you are, what you stand for, and why you are worth following. Yes, they might see your video content first, but if they decide they want to follow you, your bio can make it or break it.

They see a video that catches their attention. The click to view your profile. This is where you have to impress them so they will ultimately hit that follow button, right? Make your profile picture look great. Ensure your Instagram business profile correlates with your brand and what you want to represent, and provide all the most important information for potential followers to understand what you offer. You can get increased website traffic as well as new followers when your website is set up well.

Those users in the Instagram app are suddenly your friends. This is a community. More followers obviously translates to success, but you also want to build a community that can sustain you for the long term. You can increase brand awareness and allow other Instagram accounts to see what you have to offer from here. Encourage users to like, follow, share, use your branded hashtags, and more.

Post Instagram Stories, Reels, and Other Types of Posts

Making basic Instagram posts is fine, but the algorithm really likes it when you use all of the various posting mediums available to you. You should post Instagram reels, Instagram stories, videos, and typical posts. Make some carousel posts and even use Instagram ads if you want to. The idea here is to broaden your Instagram marketing strategy by using Instagram reels, stories, and other parts of the app that are available to you.

Plus, different members of your social media audience may see content from different areas. That means you can get user engagement in more places and it really looks great on your Instagram insights. Optimize your Instagram by taking advantage of the Instagram grid of posting methods.

Incorporate this into your social media strategy, using short form video content, photos, an Instagram story, and more. Doing so just might put you on more user’s feed and lead to the potential as users discover your stuff. This is really very important and considered one of the best practices for boosting visibility too.

Post Consistently with Quality Content

There is far more to the best practices of Instagram than just creating a post from time to time. You need to post regularly to stay relative. If you have inconsistency and long pauses between posts, the algorithm is more likely to hide your content or put it on the bottom of the stack. Unless people are scrolling for long periods of time, they may never even see your story highlights. Instagram best practices recommend posting several times a week using the different posting mediums.

If you really want to stand out, try creating a consistent posting schedule where you are create engaging content and maybe post it on certain days. Having a content calendar that is planned out ahead of time helps to keep things organized and prepared.

Your Instagram marketing success needs you to focus on consistency. What that schedule looks like is really up to you. There isn’t anything that says you have to post at 10:00 AM every single Monday. It’s really just about quality content on a regular basis so you maintain your relevancy. Let’s be honest, you work hard to be visible. You don’t want to ruin all your hard work by forgetting to post for two weeks at a time, right?

Try a scheduler like Sprout Social or other common options to help you stay on track. To build on that just a little bit, let’s talk about the quality of content creation. While you do need to post often, it’s also important to make sure your brand creatives and posts are good quality. Don’t waste your time with lackluster posts that miss the mark. Focus on your target audience and consider quality of the copy as well as the images or videos. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Use clear images and videos
  • Add filters or music
  • Make sure it fits for your audience and brand
  • Post a variety of things (videos, photos, reels, etc.)
  • Write copy that works for your posts and brand
  • Share user generated content occasionally
  • Fill in Instagram captions

Your creatives should cater to the audience you want to reach so keep that in mind. Everyone loves user generated content because it exposes you to a dual audience, but it also gives a real life view of other people in light of your brand or business.

Yes, Instagram Hashtags Do Help

There are some people who would tell you hashtags are no longer important. Don’t listen to them. Hashtags are a categorization tool and they really do help out significantly. Consider hashtags similar to relevant keywords. In fact, you can turn those keywords into hashtags if you want to. Here is where you need to be careful. Don’t just stuff 20 hashtags just because you can. You should have some branded tags, some topic relevant hashtags, and maybe just some popular, trending tags too. Use them smartly so that they actually fit your content.

Be Engaged and Responsive

We get that there are a lot of trolls and mean people on social media. But if you want to be successful and get more followers in 2024, you have to be engaged. Answering direct messages, responding to comments and questions, and even engaging on other people’s content is all very important.

When you post things and you refuse to acknowledge or respond to people that have given you their attention, it makes them feel unimportant. Eventually, they will stop paying attention to you and stop engaging with your content. Other people want to engage with you and you should return the favor to be honest.

Do you have to engage in nasty arguments or statements? Absolutely not. However, you can’t just ignore everyone. Spend some time responding and acknowledging or hire someone who can help you do just that. This will be very important to continued success. Instagram analytics have shown that the more you engage and interact, the better others respond to you and strive to connect with you as well.

Never Stop Learning

When you start figuring it out, don’t stop there. It is important that you continue to learn, grow, monitor, and adapt. For example, in recent years, using alt text on photos has become more popular. Trends are constantly changing and it is up to you to stay on track. Yes, it can be overwhelming. It is important that you continue to be genuine, but you also need to be aware of trends and changes so you can continue to stay on top! Never stop learning.


These strategies will help you get faster growth on Instagram in 2024. Overall, it’s simply important to be consistent, understand your audience, and be willing to invest in positive options for your profile. There are so many great ways that you can be engaged, involved, and build up a strong community for success.More interesting strategies for fast growth on Instagram, you can read on this Twitter page.

Consider your goals for IG and then start to strategize and plan with these ideas so you can meet those goals. Don’t let strategies change who you are, but focus on how you can use your authenticity to continue to draw people in. You have so much to offer the world so let yourself shine!

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