If you’ve ever tried to log into someone’s Instagram account, you’d know that the latest two-factor authentication system has made it quite hard to crack. One thing that could help you is if you have the user’s password. But if you don’t have a password, how to hack someone’s Instagram?

Even though the option to view someone’s Instagram anonymously seems impossible, we have some tried and tested ways that you can use for your benefit.

Why It Might Be Necessary?

Logging into someone’s social media accounts might raise some ethical concerns. However, you have the right to cross these ethical boundaries for the right reasons. Some of these reasons might be:

  • Keeping an eye on a young or naive person’s Instagram activities to guide them between right and wrong.
  • Spying on a partner who’s acting suspiciously.
  • Gathering proof of a partner’s infidelity.
  • Keeping tabs on an employee for company security.

How to Find out Who They Are Chatting on IG?

If you don’t know how to log into someone’s Instagram, you cannot find out who they are chatting with. However, some spy apps can allow you to gain access to a target user’s Instagram accounts without needing any password.

These spy apps also offer other functionalities. So, you are not only gaining access to their Instagram DMs, but also their Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp accounts. Many advanced spy apps also allow you to track the target user’s location and even access their browsing history.

Monitoring Apps to Help

In this section, we will explore the top two monitoring apps that can help you gain access to anyone’s Instagram account without needing a password.


mSpy is one of the leading monitoring apps for keeping an eye on children. Parents all over the world vouch for mSpy’s monitoring capabilities. Plus, it comes with a whole package that allows parents to not only keep an eye on their children’s and teen kid’s social media activities but also keep tabs on where they are through geolocation alerts.

Parents also love mSpy’s ambient recording feature, which allows them to listen in on their kids’ conversations. This allows them to ensure that their kids are safe and with a trusted company.

Screen recording can allow users to go through the target person’s Instagram activity and DMs. Apart from this, here is a list of other features that mSpy offers:

  • GPS location tracking
  • Call monitoring
  • App monitoring
  • Gmail connection
  • YouTube connection
  • Website blocking
  • App blocking
  • Message monitoring
  • Keyword tracking
  • Screen recording


If you are worried about searching for a solution for how to hack Instagram, Eyezy is a great solution for you. Eyezy is an all-in-one solution to help you look into anyone’s social media accounts. Through Eyezy, you can access all these apps on a target user’s phone:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Kik
  • Hangouts
  • Discord
  • Telegram
  • Viber
  • Tinder
  • Line
  • Snapchat
  • Skype

Apart from gaining access to these social media accounts, Eyezy also allows you to capture every keystroke, track the target person’s GPS location, access their social calendar, browse through the files saved on their phone, sneak into their search history, and receive a magic alert every time an inappropriate word is typed or talked about.

Alternative Methods

If you don’t want to spend on monitoring apps, you can use two ways to get access to someone’s Instagram password:

Shoulder Surfing

Shoulder surfing is a word used to describe password hacking by observing. If you wish to use this method, all you have to do is observe the user inputting their password on Instagram. If they are not clever enough, you will get your hands (rather eyes) on their password. However, nowadays, with passwords saved onto mobile devices, people don’t have to type in their passwords again and again. So, this method might be tricky and hard to use.


Another way to get into someone’s Instagram is with a phishing method. You can conceal a hacking bug with a link sent to the person on their email address or messages. Once they click the link, they will have compromised the safety of their cell phones. However, if you’re not a tech-savvy person, this method might not be easy for you.


Logging into someone’s Instagram account without a password was not a possibility for people who were not tech-savvy. However, with spy apps like mSpy and Eyezy, things have become much easier.

Now, with these premium apps, not only can parents and partners keep an eye on their loved ones’ Instagram activities, but they can also access their location, eavesdrop on their conversations, and access their browsing history.

While some alternative methods allow people to hack into Instagram without the help of spy apps, they require one to be tech-savvy.

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