New Jersey is the undeniable pioneer in America when it comes to online gambling activities. The Garden State was the very first to look to bring it to the US legally, as they started their process into the market over a decade ago.

Since then, they brought a case in front of the Supreme Court and were victorious, as they ended the federal ban that was in place outlawing gambling activities online. Now, states have the ability to make their own judgements and create their own laws pertaining to the legality of gambling within their borders.

NJ has been more than favorable to operators in the industry, as it has opened its doors to many different activities that can be completed. You can see more here, as an overview of what is legal and where you can play has been provided, thus showing just how exceptionally favorable the Garden State has been.

However, while they may have been the main pioneer in the US for online gambling, the state has not rested on its laurels.

In fact, they have been leveraging innovation and new technological advancements to push the industry further within their state borders as they look to be the sole leader and perhaps become the No. 1 destination for iGaming in the US.

Let’s face it, the economic potential could be incredible for the state, as it could attract players from all over the country, thus putting dollars into the coffers in ways that may have once been lacking.

How is NJ using tech and innovation to improve its iGaming industry?

While NJ has been the leader in the American market for several years, the state has been able to ensure it stays at the top of the industry by being progressive. They have used the latest technologies and innovations available, which has enhanced their reputation and solidified their standing in the market.

Players want to receive immersive and authentic experiences as a main priority when playing online. They want to feel as though they are part of the game, while also receiving an experience that is akin to those that can be obtained when visiting a traditional casino. Indeed, why play a game online when you can receive a personalized experience at a venue if one is nearby?

As a result, NJ has allowed its casino operators to introduce game-changing innovations to their offerings. Live dealer games have been among the most notable, as players now have a reason not to go to a brick-and-mortar site.

They can obtain a realistic gaming session through the technology available from the comfort of wherever they choose. A live dealer game uses several of the latest technologies and innovations available, which can build trust with the players as everything can be seen.

Other technological advancements NJ has begun to introduce into its iGaming industry include virtual and augmented reality-based games. These technologies have the potential to transform gambling games, as they can make them more immersive. Indeed, life without technology can be pretty hard to imagine.

Additionally, there have been improvements to immersion through gamification processes, as players can compete with each other through the use of leaderboards and loyalty programs. As many gamers are competitive in nature, they are more likely to try to top the leaderboard, meaning they may spend more money on the games that can be played.

Can other states learn from NJ’s use of innovation and technology for iGaming activities?

States that have already legalized iGaming or those that are considering implementing legislation to permit the activity in the near future should look to see what technologies are being used. This can include the game innovations already mentioned, while it can also relate to technologies regarding player safety.

Security is of huge importance, as sensitive data and financial information is continually transferred between users and casino sites.

This data needs to be protected at all times, meaning only the best security technology should be used. Some will often opt to use a VPN, but casinos have managed to include the best measures possible with what they offer as basic safety.

Additionally, states could learn about responsible gambling measures and how the newest technologies and innovations can help keep players safe and identify certain trends or patterns that may be experienced by those who are vulnerable to stop harmful gaming from happening.

Blockchain technology and the use of cryptocurrency can also be implemented in the future, especially as there appears to be changes in attitude by the US following the Security and Exchange Commission’s decision to allow Bitcoin to be exchange-traded funds (ETFs), thus permitting them to be mainstream investing funds.

This could have a knock-on effect and allow gambling sites to use them in a greater capacity than some already are.

Given New Jersey’s reputation and standing in the iGaming industry, it is clear that there are numerous benefits that can be obtained by other states that may decide to follow their lead.

Indeed, there have been many who have watched the economic situation and how it has had a positive impact on the coffers from afar, but there are ways in which NJ’s use of tech across the industry can also be followed.

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