Nowadays, technology is moving forward very fast. One such technology is the virtual sim card or eSIM. Virtual SIM card can be useful in many areas of our lives. Each one of us communicates, corresponds, travels and updates our social media feeds on a daily basis. So why does a virtual SIM card have a wider range of possibilities than a physical SIM card? How can a virtual SIM card be used profitably? Today, we will answer these questions.

First of all, let’s understand what a virtual SIM card is and how it differs from a physical SIM card.

Esim is a type of sim card that is a small chip. It is embedded in a cell phone or other device and cannot be removed. Information about the SIM card, cell phone number and tariff is recorded on it. A virtual SIM card can be used for different purposes, for example, for personal use or virtual phone number for business. To manage esim you need to download a mobile application. With the help of this application you can activate tariffs and change the terms of use, replenish the balance and activate new services.

Having Understood What a Virtual Sim Card Is, It Is Necessary to Look at The Advantages of Using E Sim Over a Physical Sim Card:

Having understood what a virtual SIM card is, it is necessary to look at the advantages of using eSIM over a physical SIM card:

Connection cost

Connecting an Esim is much cheaper than buying a physical sim card, especially when you are traveling to another country. While traveling or traveling for business, you can connect roaming. This option is quite convenient, but it can also be expensive because you are priced according to your mobile operator’s rates. You can also purchase a SIM card from a local operator while traveling, but this option is not available in all countries. Virtual SIM cards will cost you several times less, while maintaining the same usage options.

Quick connection

It’s quick and easy to connect a virtual SIM card. You don’t need to go to a store or mobile operator’s office. To start using a virtual card, you just need to activate it in a specialized application and then complete the settings on your smartphone. In such an application you will find information about the tariff, available functions that can be connected to your virtual SIM card.

Ease of use

Connecting a virtual sim card will help you when planning trips to different countries. If your travel is planned to multiple countries, then you can connect a virtual sim card that can work in multiple countries. This virtual sim card will work in multiple countries, and sometimes even in a group of countries or a particular continent. In addition, with a virtual SIM card, you can arrange a destination country number before you travel and simply switch to a virtual number when you arrive in another country.

SIM card reliability

Esim is impossible to lose or break, as the SIM card is embedded in your device, it is impossible to get it out, respectively, and it is impossible to steal it. This is a huge plus, because fraudsters will not be able to use your data. Also because of the frequent opening of the word sim card it is possible to damage it, but since the virtual sim card is not taken out, it is also impossible to spoil it. It is built into the body of the smartphone and does not succumb to corrosion.


With a virtual SIM card, you can connect up to five numbers. All numbers are on one sim card. You can use cards of different operators and connect sim cards for different countries.

How can I use a virtual SIM card?

How can I use a virtual SIM card?

As you can see from the benefits, a virtual SIM card is a very convenient option. You can connect a virtual SIM card for daily use, for example, to separate work calls from personal calls. In this case, your smartphone will have two SIM cards and one of them will receive calls, for example, from contractors or clients. This is very convenient, because you will be able to turn off the virtual number for the weekend or during vacation.

Another very convenient way of application is to use a virtual sim card while traveling. You can get a virtual phone number before traveling and turn it on when you arrive in another country. It is very convenient, because the cost of virtual sim card is lower than other options of communication abroad. Also, a virtual sim card can help you stay connected no matter what country you plan to travel to.

To summarize, a virtual SIM card is a convenient and innovative way of communication. With its help, you can keep your usual rhythm of communication in other countries. Virtual SIM card is a very cost-effective way of communication, because the cost of connection is minimal. When connecting, pay attention to whether there is an option to connect a virtual SIM card on your smartphone. After all, not all devices have this chip yet.

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