If you’re thinking about making the switch from plastic or metal hair sticks to traditional hair sticks made from wood, you’re one step closer to beautiful hair. Chinese wooden hair sticks made from materials like verawood keep hair healthy and add an elegant look to any hairstyle.

In this article, we’ll talk more about why you should choose wooden hair sticks and how to get the most out of this natural hair styling tool.

Let’s dive in!

Why Choose a Hair Wooden Stick?

A wooden hair stick is a better choice than hair sticks made from other materials because wood is a natural material that is gentle on the hair. Using a hair wooden stick makes it easy to slide in and out of your hair, preventing damage and split ends. In addition, wood absorbs and distributes natural hair oils.

In addition to practicality, wooden hair sticks make for an elegant and traditional addition to any hairstyle. Enhance your updo with products like Yao Secret’s verawood hair sticks and emulate the beauty of the Yao women.

Wooden hair sticks are also a good choice if you want to contribute to a cleaner planet. Producing wooden hair sticks is sustainable and they’re organic products that biodegrade, meaning they contribute less to waste in landfills.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hair Wooden Stick

When choosing a wooden hair stick, take these key points into account:

Hair type

Different hair types work best with different hair sticks. For example, long, thick hair requires long and strong hair sticks to hold the hair in place.

Hair type

Wood type

The type of wood can also impact the effectiveness of the hair sticks. For example, avoid hair sticks made from pine because pine contains sap that damages the hair. On the other hand, Chinese wooden hair sticks made from verawood nourish and protect the hair.

When to Use a Hair Wooden Stick?

If you’re prone to split ends that are damaged hair, then using a wooden hair stick is crucial. Wood hair sticks can also offer a natural and elegant look to hairstyles such as:

  • buns
  • twists
  • updos

Wooden hair sticks are also strong and durable, which makes them a great choice for supporting thick, long hair.

How to Choose the Perfect Hair Wooden Stick for Different Hairstyles?

When choosing a wooden stick for hairstyle, consider your hair thickness and length. If your hairstyle requires you to hold up lots of your hair, then you may want to choose strong hairsticks to achieve this goal.

Hair sticks serve a functional purpose but can also be used for aesthetics. Choose wooden sticks that suit the hairstyle you want to achieve. Consider what clothing you plan to wear and choose hair sticks that complement your outfit.

Tips and Tricks for Using a Hair Wooden Stick Effectively

To get the most out of your wooden hair sticks, follow these tips and tricks:

Make sure your hair is dry

Always let your hair dry before using wooden hair sticks. It can be harder to push them through wet hair.

Secure your hair correctly

Wooden hair sticks are a great tool, but they must be used properly to be effective. You can weave the sticks through your bun gently until they touch your scalp. Pushing them until they touch your scalp will ensure your hair is secured.

Learn the proper hair styling methods

Understand your hair type and practice hairstyle methods to make sure your hairstyle is done perfectly. Properly styling your hair makes hair sticks more effective.

Maintenance and Care of Hair Wooden Sticks

Following these basic maintenance and care techniques will ensure you get the most out of your wooden hair sticks:

Clean regularly

After removing hair sticks from your hair, remove any hair or debris and wipe your hair sticks clean. Avoid using chemical cleaning agents.

Keep Dry

Always try to keep wooden hair stick dry. When wooden hair sticks are wet, they can expand or acquire mold.


If your wooden hair sticks lose some of their natural oils, use coconut oil or castor oil to restore their shine and smoothness.

In conclusion

Wooden hair sticks are a great alternative to modern hair sticks made of plastic or metal. They’re lightweight and strong, and add a beautiful look to any hairstyle. Before using wooden hair sticks, understand your hair type and choose the right size wooden stick for your hairstyle.

Always make sure your hairstyle is done properly and that your wooden hair sticks are pushed in far enough to secure your hair. Proper cleaning and keeping your hair sticks dry can increase their lifespan.

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