Pigs are smart, curious, and happy living animals. They are quite unusual pets, but some people like to keep them in their houses.

Usually, when you start learning about a pet and want to own one, dogs and cats might come to your mind initially because they are small and can also be trained.

However, have you ever wondered if you can pet a pig and train them?

Well, yes, you read it right. You can train your pets easily, but the training must start very young, even when they are piglets. Like dogs, they are easy to train and can do various activities.

If you’re intrigued by these intelligent creatures, delve deeper into our article on ‘Fun facts about pigs‘ to discover more about their fascinating world and unique characteristics.

Therefore, stick to the end if you are curious and want to know more after reading all this.

What All Tricks Pigs Can Learn?

What All Tricks Pigs Can Learn?

Pigs are smart and friendly creatures that respond a lot like dogs. They can be easily trained, and their training can involve a lot of various skills, from simple ones like sitting and standing to difficult ones like wearing a leash.

Every activity you perform with a pig can teach them a lot. It can teach them to respond or discipline. Another aspect about pigs is that they are a little stubborn sometimes; if they find something that does not concern them, they won’t be interested in performing.

  • Name Responding
  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • Spin or Twirl
  • Dance
  • Litterbox skills
  • Wearing a harness or leash

Various Tools that Can Be Used for Training

Various Tools that Can Be Used for Training

Just like anything is easier when performed with a tool, training works in a similar way. Training your pets with a tool becomes easy, but when you think about pigs, you might not know what should be used and how to train them properly. Some of the tools you can use to train your pigs and make them learn various things are mentioned below:

  • Rewarding: Rewarding is one of the easiest and best ways to train your pegs. Every creature works best when rewarded with something little after doing something. This makes them obey rules and work better to get a little treat. In cases where you have to keep your pigs in the house, then it is quite important. Using their favorite food as a treat can be extremely effective, but ensure it is in small portions.
  • Clicker: Using a clicker or something similar can also effectively train your pig. All it does is that it enforces positive behavior in your pet. Use any similar tool and click it when they show positive behavior. This will help them evaluate that you are happy and encouraging their effort. After that, you can also give them a treat to improve it.
  • Toys: Next up are toys; they are also a great tool to use when you want your pigs to respond and show affection in a certain way. Pets love being pampered and learn love and affection when using toys. Like dogs, pigs also love digging, which can ruin your floor in the long run; hence, using a toy can protect indoors easily.
  • Words: We know that animals cannot understand our language and don’t know how to respond, but they can interpret our words through our emotions. For instance, you might have seen dogs understanding and responding to words like sit, stand, and eat, and this is because they have understood the meaning and emotion behind it; with time, it becomes easy for them to understand what we are saying.

Training pigs also has certain benefits, like mental stimulation and preventing potential damage. Once trained, they understand us in many ways and make way for a better life together. They know how your emotions work and how certain things should be done. If they are trained properly, they will not destroy your house or belongings.

They will always be in a certain frame that involves discipline. You don’t have to worry much about petting a pig as they are extremely responsive and obey their owners in every way possible. You can start the training process when they are piglets only because, at that age, it is extremely easy to work with them.


In conclusion, we would like to state that if you plan to own a pig as your pet and have little doubts, then you should not think twice and own it. Pigs are quite similar to dogs or cats and can easily be trained. They have a loving and caring nature and are perfect as a homegrown breed. They can be easily taught discipline, love, obedience, and more.

While training them, you can use various techniques like tools, toys, and rewards so that they respond in a certain way and be on their best behavior. Out of all the techniques, our personal favorite is the reward technique. You can occasionally offer them little portions of a treat and ensure they feel appreciated and loved.

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