Meet Bob Harper, Trainer, Educator, Motivator & Life Coach

“For over 20 years I have helped motivate people around the world to take charge of their lives, lose weight and live healthy. I have shown people how to enhance their lives by providing the tools and the knowledge to make it happen – through proper eating, exercise and yoga. I like to lead by example and I have an incredibly successful track record at helping people achieve success and transforming their lives.

"I've dedicated my life to giving you the inspiration, the encouragement, the knowledge and now, the supplements to help you reach your goals."

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, and raised on a cattle farm, I moved to Los Angeles and worked as a personal trainer for celebrity clients. In 2004 I achieved worldwide fame by becoming a trainer on a popular reality TV series. I've also been part of several DVD workouts, even releasing a specialized workout series focusing on my Inside Out Method last year. In addition to my coaching success through television and DVDs, I strive to be a source of inspiration and guidance for people through seminars, speaking appearances, my personal website and social networks, and still find the time to teach regular spin classes in Los Angeles.”

If you want to hear more about me and how I got started in fitness, here's a short excerpt from my DVDBob’s Smart Weight Loss Guide.