The study of poetry brings to our mind everything beautiful in the world. Through poems, we see that a mere series of words can bring forward a lovely picture within seconds.

The limited number of words sneak up on us to reveal the truth of our universe. And in no other forms of poetry has this been more than a haiku.

Even though their popularity in Western media had not been till the early 1900s, Haiku has made quite an impact.

Contemporary writers have tried their hand at haiku examples 5-7-5 about life with much success. In this article, we discuss the world of haiku, and how contemporary authors made an impact on it.

Root Of Haiku

Root Of Haiku

Compared to other poetry kinds, Haiku is known to be brief yet poignant. This style of poetry can be used to capture a fleeting moment or emotions between a couple of words.

Haiku originally blossomed in Japan, where it is known as hokku, the opening of a longer sequence of ranga. Haiku is known for a few key characteristics that set it apart.

For one, the syllable structure is in the for 5-7-5. This means a traditional three-lined haiku should have 5 syllables in the first line. The second line should follow with 7 syllables, and finally, there should be 5 syllables in the last one.

Matsuo Basho, the 17th-century Japanese poet is known to be the father of Haiku. He has been credited for some of the most stunning pieces of poetry ever to grace the world.

Basho’s eternal words include the haiku in the original called the “Old Pond” poem. This piece is said to be the most popular Haiku of all time.

Glimpse Into The World Of Contemporary Haiku

Even though the art of Haiku is old, many contemporary authors create magic with their words.

Haiku was brought over to the English language by Ezra Pound, with his influential poem “In a Station of the Metro”. But here are some wonderful modern who brought new life to the form.

1. Michael Dylan Welch

One of the most well-known contemporary Haiku writers in the world is Michael Dylan Welch. He is the founder of the Tanka Society of America as well as the board member of the Haiku Society of America.

His works reflect a deep insight into the most common themes of Haiku. Through these poems, we see a deep fascination with the ever-fleeting beauty of the world.

Michael Dylan Welch

  • Spring breeze through the window . . .

stains on an apron

left at the counter

  • Summer solstice—

a rack full of hats

at the barbershop

  • Lit by the sunset

waves along the shore

rolling the seal’s body

2. Sonia Sanchez

With over 20 published books under her wing, Sonia Sanchez is a haiku author to be reckoned with. Sanchez is also a recipient of the highly prestigious 2016 Shelley Memorial Award of the Poetry Society of America.

Her art form holds deep power and heals past trauma with mere words. Haiku with Sanchez delves into the ancient images of African civilization and culture, knocking down traditional conventions. The author also covers a wide range of topics and emotions in her poems.

Sonia Sanchez

  • Mississippi…

alert with

conjugated pain

  • In this southern

classroom summer settles

into winter

  • We taste the

blood ritual of

southern hands

3. William Higginson

William J. “Bill” Higginson is the proud founder of the From Here Press in Paterson. His poems and essays greatly impact contemporary literature, and his Haiku has inspired many.

The author has also won numerous awards including the prestigious Merit Book Award by the Haiku Society of America. His grasp on the matter comes from a deep understanding of looking at the world with understanding and awareness.

William Higginson

  • More intricate

than all winter’s designs,

this spring flake

  • This spring rain

the thief too

curses his job

  • Winter twilight

only a few old bakers

in the potato bin

4. Nick Virgilio

The author Nick Virgilio played a huge role in bringing forth the art of Haiku to the United States. He is considered a pioneer in the subject, where he combines the elegant beauty of the form with urbanity.

While Virgilio’s focus remained on human nature, he often combined the traditional aspects of haiku with his study. His blend of subgenres made him popular among his contemporaries.

Nick Virgilio

  • My Spring Love Affair:

the old upright Remington

wears a new ribbon

  • Lily:

out of the water . . .

out of itself

  • Approaching autumn:

the warehouse watchdog’s bark

weakens in the wind

Wrapping It Up

Haiku, a traditional Japanese poetry has made a great impact in the world of contemporary English poetry. It may be different from Western poetry modes, but the form has not become a lost art.

Modern authors have become quite proficient in expressing themselves with the 5-7-5 structure. Authors like Nick Virgilio and Sonia Sanchez have written about life and nature through haiku, and these works are indispensable.

In three lines, these poets can draw an image that stays with the reader forever. So comment below and let us know your favorite Haiku writers!

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