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Hello there!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m Ananda, Indian, holding a doctorate degree  in Materials physics  and working as a researcher in a land famous for chocolates, Belgium. I grew up in the family of food lovers, where everyone enjoyed cooking and has their own signature recipes. But for me the journey of food, cooking happened when I landed as a PhD student in serene city Jyväsklä, Finland. Therapeutic cooking back then slowly brought out the hidden passion. It also transformed a picky and fussy eater to daring food experimentalist, though still red meat isn’t for my palate.

Apart from passion for cooking I share the platform with photography. It not only satisfies my appetite for learning but also broadens the horizon for creativity both for food and travel pictures. Hopefully in years to come my creativity will improve. I’m optimist, sweet toothed and love anything with pink.

My blog is a place where I will pen my stories about food and travel which brings greatest joy in life, not minding my misfit vocabulary, spelling mistakes (I’m a queen) and grammatical errors. Why A pinch of love? Food is the driving force of my life, wish to treat it with love, not only does it fulfils heart’s desire or hunger but it reaches the soul….The way I see life.

Grab a cup of tea; make yourself cosy I promise you will have a good look around.

I’m open for reviews and for food photography. I would appreciate if you take permission for using picture from this blog.
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  1. nisha says:

    Hi Girl.. I havent left a comment here after you reshaped this space of yours. Must say I really really love it and its soooo you.. pink and petit and absolutely adorable.
    Just getting back into blogging modea after my holiday and Ive decided that this year il make an effort to visit all of my fav blogs and im starting with yours:)
    good luck and i look forward to seeing more recipes and gorgeous pictures. Oh and also, heres to planning our Greece trip

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