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Nuts Cream Perfume: Organic Raspberry des Champs Perfume Solid

Nuts Cream Perfume: Organic Raspberry des Champs Perfume Solid

Who would have thought the answer to smelling sweet was in a little nut? Nuts perfume solids are made of 80% Beeswax and Almond Oil. This solid base gives you more product for your money and also helps the scent last far longer than commercial liquid brands. The naturally decadent scents of Nuts Cream Perfumes are provided by premium organic and natural essential oils. You won’t find any synthetic chemical concoctions in this perfume. The eco chic packaging is made from residual wood and with its compact size it fits perfectly in your purse. At 3 to 4 times less money than commercial perfume brands nuts perfume is a smart choice. With Nuts Organic Raspberry Perfume Solid you can save the planet and smell good doing it

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Green 411
  Perfume Notes: A rich opening with a mixture of raspberry accord and bitter almonds, giving way to a delightful combination of rosewood, mimosa and rose. Finishes with the always-popular vanilla.
  No Animal Testing
  100% of the ingredients are certified organic by ECOCERT, QAI and OTCO.
  American Company
  Container material is made from environmentally friendly residual wood from small mills that meet the criteria set out by the Forest Stewardship Council.
  A portion of profits is donated to charitable organizations
Did you know that over four thousand chemicals can be combined to create a commercial perfume’s unique fragrance? Most of these chemicals have never even been tested for safety. If you suffer from allergies you literally have no idea what you’re spraying on your skin when you apply a commercial fragrance. Commercial liquid perfumes use a base of alcohol and water, which means you get less product for your money. By using water as a base the product evaporates quickly leaving you scrambling to the store for another pricey purchase. Nuts perfumes use a solid base of beeswax which allows their fragrances to last 3 to 4 times longer than their commercial counterparts both in the bottle and on your skin. Now that's a smart choice!
Sweet Almond Oil*, Parfum**, Beeswax***
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Nuts Cream Perfume: Organic Raspberry des Champs Perfume Solid
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