New Live Make-up Stars

Temporarily page down

Dear MyOwnRunway world,

Due to negative circumstances on the internet about’s identity, we have temporarily taken down our LIVE makeup shows and Fashion tutorials. We have created ourselves to be professional, safe, trustworthy, and fashionable. There has been a mountain of negative and false accusation from certain individuals online about mentioning “ is negative, creepy, and disrespecting and harming our makeup star and fashion team.” is relatively a new fashion website. We have been focusing on building a positive name for ourselves. The last thing we want to create is to harm and disrespect anyone. We have worked very hard and long hours to build a website with exciting information for the fashion world.

We are also in the development stage in creating new technology to formulate an easy simple sign up strategy and once your approved you will receive a gift from one of our partners.

If one reads the ‘home page’ and the ‘About us’ section, we have only been cooperating professionally, and safety against the vast negativity online. Our business is focused only to provide a SAFE service, exciting, and a fun fashion experience.

THEREFORE, we have received negative emails and harassment about our identity. We have properly communicated to temporarily take down the information of  MAKEUP STARS AND FASHION STARS. IN ADDITION, We have contacted the authorities and our attorney’s to approach the wrongdoers with legal actions.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

MyOwnRunway Staff  Team