Fabulous Finds: Michael Kors Corduroy Leggings

On a recent trip to Lord & Taylor with my mom, I was drawn not to the sparkly prom dresses section, but to the comfy old lady styles area of the store.  Yes, I am showing my age.

Upon passing limp pairs of pants- in black, navy, and brown- dangling off their hangers, I knew these had to be mine. The soft, stretchy, dark fabric, the kind of fabric that doesn’t show spills and will certainly bend with your body in every which way, perfectly suited my lifestyle. These, my friends, were eating pants.

At under $100, they were certainly a steal (compared to my usual preference for a certain style of True Religions, I should probably just convert to these comfy pants while they’re still on the market).

The leggings are slim and flattering.  They look good with a chunky sweater, a sloppy t-shirt, and pretty much anything you could wear on top.  Plus, unlike most leggings, they have pockets. Pockets that fit your cell phone! I realize they were designed for women three times my age who probably don’t carry cell phones, but still, these pants are awesome (and cat hair is easily removable from the sleek fabric).

Zappos is the only place I can find the pants, in a a lovely chocolate brown, so I highly recommend stocking up while you still can.


No one has ever worn these with heels.

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