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Space Mirror and Expected Mysteries

We are the inhabitant of earth as well as solar system and since our eyes permitted to see the area of solar system within the radius of 150 million Kilometer only, the objects out of such radius are the mere images into the space mirror. The original objects are within the radius of 150 million Kilometer. Following expected mysteries, viz.

  • Item No-1 Sun is the only star of the solar system as well as the universe and it can be proved.
  • Item No-2 The space objects what we have observed within 300 million Kilometer from the sun are real space object and ahead of 300 million Kilometer are mere images of the space objects situated within 225million Kilometer to 300 million Kilometer from the sun. From calculation it appears that the real Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto are 253, 264, 277, 288 & 292 million Kilometer respectively from sun.
  • Item No-3 In size the real Jupiter is two times bigger than earth but we observe the image Jupiter as twelve times bigger than earth and same real Saturn, Uranus & Neptune are smaller than earth.
  • Item No-4 Sun has no spot. Cause of space mirror sun spots appear at sun.
  • Item No-5 There is no difference between our solar system as well as our universe. Biggest zero is the conclusively shape of our universe.
  • Item No-6 Our solar system also has another earth like planet.
  • Item no-7 There is a secret root between earth to earth like planet and by this root we can travel the second earth and come back safely.

      All above item may be discovered.

Note- I: Remember that as light the power of remote reflects in mirror. One should keep in mind that targeting on the reflected picture, by a remote device we can get the desired result. Suppose you are watching a space film on a Television set and such film’s image also appears in a mirror opposite. Now you are bored and like to change over through the remote control of the television. You can do so either by directing directly on the television or by directing on image on the mirror.

Through remote space organizations have sent man less space vehicle to different space objects like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune ….etc. Cause of reflections on space mirror those men less space vehicles are going to the real space objects on real root. It may be noted here that since we are able only to see the real space objects situated within the radius of 150 million kilometers from earth and particularly we can not see anything real space objects out of the above radius of the earth’s darken part, through remote we can never send man less space vehicles out of above distances.

Note- II: It may be kept in mind that a telescope gives us a far off things or objects. We come across mirage in desert. Traveler crossing through the desert comes across mirage, as he moves to the mirage the mirage moves away from him, if the traveler tries to see the mirage by using a telescope, does the mirage come closer? No, the mirage does not change its place rather he gets a foggy vision of the area.

Note- III: We know that, if two mirrors are kept opposite to each other they create innumerable images, which appear on each mirror in a continuous process. Here we have to keep in mind that, (a) there will be negligible difference in the area of the images with the actual area. (b) If we consider the images created as real then, the area of the images with the actual area will chronologically start increasing. That means the area of second image will be bigger than the area of the first imaging and so on and so forth.

We have discovered many object which are hundred of light years away on the darken side of earth which is in between 75 million kilometers and 150 million kilometers and are the reflections.

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