2015 Minneapolis, Minnesota


The National Cycling Summit will be 5 days celebrating the new vision for what is biking, who is a cyclist and the cycling lifestyle.

The goal of this NBC National Summit is to offer real interaction between organizations and individuals connected to communities of color, women and youth to those organizations committed to Bicycle Advocacy and Active Transportation. Our Theme is Equity and Inclusion in Motion. We will have many of the country’s new leaders in Bike Advocacy sharing the results of their work and sharing strategies and best practices in an interactive format.

Summit Topics & Presentations:

  • Active Transportation Movement and Combating Health
  • Disparities in Low-Income and Minority Communities
  • How will Bike Share Meet the Challenge to be Equitable and Profitable?
  • What if Equity Mattered? Lessons from Public Education
  • The Bicycle as a Tool for Social Change
  • The Gentrification Issue: Are Bike Lanes White Lanes?
  • The Impact of Bicycle Infrastructure Improvements on Communites of Color
  • League of American Bicyclists Equity Advisory Council Research Presentation
  • Career Paths in the Bicycle Advocacy Movement
  • The Aging Athlete – Older Smarter Faster
  • The FIT is IT: Fitting Using the GURU Dynamic Fit System

Group Ride & Infrastructure Tour Opportunities:

  • Twin Cities Infrastructure Tour
  • Quality Bike Parts Campus Tour
  • The National Sports Center Velodrome Experience
  • Slow Roll Minneapolis led by Slow Roll Co-founder Jason Hall
  • Rondo Days Family Fun Ride
  • Minneapolis Grand Round and Midtown Greenway Tour
  • Nice Ride Neighborhood Ride
  • Urban Bike Festival at Rondo Days

Download PDF Flyer for the 2015 NBC Summit