The Phoenix Supper club presents two types of unique dining experiences--Loretto, a modern day speakeasy, and Mephisto, a five-course foray into temptation.
Loretto offers a nine-course foray into dining temptation. Welcome to The Phoenix Supper Club, San Francisco's most unique fine dining experience. Featuring wine pairing tasting menus of California cuisine. The Phoenix Supper Club creates restaurants in unique venues across San Francisco, for one night only. Loretto takes place in locations so secret, you won't know where you're going until we bring you there.
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You may find our fine restaurant at a Nob Hill gallery, a Pacific Heights mansion, a SOMA warehouse, or a historic space downtown.

Welcome to The Phoenix Supper Club, San Francisco's most unique fine dining experience. Not merely content to be restricted to the confines of singular space, we have chosen to rebel against the limitations that dictate a fine dining experience. All across San Francisco, we have hand selected unique venues where we will create restaurants for one night only. The Phoenix Supper Club presents two unique experiences that are at once a celebration of San Francisco's unique dining culture merged with its rich aesthetics and history. “Mephisto”, a five course foray into temptation; and “Loretto”, nine courses of refinement held in locations so secret, you won't know where you're going until we bring you there. On any given night with us, you could find yourself in a gallery on Nob Hill, a mansion in Pacific Heights, a warehouse in SOMA or a historic space downtown indulging in a delicious meal, with each course complimented by the perfect wine. Come inside and let us give you a dining experience you won't soon forget...