The 8 Worst Jobs at a Music Festival

This weekend I attended my first-ever multi-day music festival: The Governors Ball. It was fantastic and amazing and exhausting and disgusting, and all those things you expect a festival to be, but as I tripped over Miller Light cans and muddy French fries on Sunday afternoon, I began to feel a bit bad for the people who actually help make the event happen. Jobs that made me super thankful I had a wristband? These.


1. Porta Potty Checker.  By Day 3, I stopped drinking so much so I wouldn’t have to use those plastic poop bins.

2.  Paramedic.  A noble career, but I imagine it gets frustrating dealing with teenagers who forget to drink water.

3. Security.  Telling people they can’t get into the VIP lounge constantly?  No.

4. Garbage collecter.  SO. MUCH. TRASH.

5. Balloon arch maker.  These people looked super frustrated.

6. Bartender.  No one is tipping you, also, you’re just sticking your hands in buckets of ice all day and counting change for drunk people.

7. Shuttle/ferry driver.  Everyone is in a hurry to get there and in a rush to leave.  Also, everyone is dirty and smelly.

8.  Bag checker.  I imagine this would be very frustrating, checking everything for contraband but still seeing mini bottles and joints all over the festival grounds…

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