Happy Easter – Egg cookies & Decorated eggs

ezgif.com-gif-makerSun has started to smile saying good bye to winter. We are having occasional beautiful days in Belgium. Easter around the corners, beautiful fragrant narcissus dancing to the tunes of wind, one day while I was walking to home, I remember how every year without fail I used to get beautiful handmade eggs from my Godmother during easter. Pink being my favourite colour, she always made sure to make something pink for me. It instigated me to do something this year.



I had been for a short cake decoration lessons couple of months ago, where I learnt royal icing techniques, such as flooding and brush embroidery. This was the perfect occasion to put it into use.  However, on there hand I have been watching humengous video tutorials on pipping buttercream/royal icing flowers.  In the end I combined both the techniques. Pipping roses wasn’t easy, I made at least 100 roses out of which just hand full of them looked decent, I would need more training!!


IMG_3747_1The cookies are cardamon butter cookies and I used flooding techniques to coat the cookies with royal icing, where the constancy of the royal icing is watery. While for pipping the basket, flowers and leaves the consistency is more stiff. The eggs were colours using food colour gel and the flowers and leaves were later decorated.


IMG_3675_1 IMG_3799_1Anyhow people, I will write a detail post on the royal icing recipes and techniques in one of the upcoming post, until then enjoy the Easter!!!

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