Enchanting – Baltic cities: Riga and Tallinn

To travel is to evolve – Pierre Bernardo
Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller – Ibn Battuta


Now, how true is that? All the travels I have done so far have enriched me with experience, connection with people and a better perspective. Being a learner from experience, I have learnt to appreciate the hidden beauties behind any cities, be it architecture, food, culture or the people itself. It’s no hidden truth with my blog that this awe struck moments is tuning me into a story teller. These pictures are collection from my initial travel days in Finland. I’m sure you remember me telling stories about exploding hard drive; I finally pulled out first few folders of Baltic cities that I visited ages ago. These cities have great memories that is tagged along. Travel to these cities were planned at the spur of the moments, booking accommodation, emails flying around….zoom we were in the cruise sailing across the majestic deep blue never ending sea. Waves lashing along the cruise showing how fierce she is and gusting wind slamming us competing with the wave.  All the way sailing I kept baffling who is stronger than the other and occasionally getting allured by tax free shopping area, giggling around with likeminded people, we arrived to these mystical sun kissed (most of the time) cities.




Helsinki and Turku the two big cities in Finland, first being beautifully located in the peninsula of gulf of Finland, Turku along the west coast at the beginning of Aura river and few island in the Baltic sea. Cruise trips to most of the baltic cities starts either from Helsinki or Turku.  Those majestic cruise accommodates big troop of people. Among the troop, there is always one big bunch of people who travel all the way for tax free liqueur. No kidding, I have seen few of my fellow colleagues going on a day trip to do the shopping before the dissertation party! This came as huge shock, when I saw people almost trading gallons and gallons of beer! While on the other hand for us, it was couple of days to explore the cities. Riga, the capital of Latvia, is one of the old cities with UNESCO world heritage. The city had a blend of medieval to modern outlook. Colourful building with never seen architecture is certainly mesmerising. The cathedral, castle and three brothers are the only few things I remember apart from the best time with besties and Latvian food with generous portion of wheat and barley. No food pictures from my old trip as I hardly knew I will be a food blogger one day, surprises of life eh?





Tallinn the capital of Estonia, with more vivid memory, yet again it was an old city with quaint cafe and exceptional towers which is referred as Kiek in de Kök.  It was one of my first ever visit to beer brewery. The gigantic brewery equipment, which is mostly stainless steel but coated with copper to give it an authentic nostalgic look and barrels were amusing. Also, don’t be surprised apart from Estonian food, which had a big influence of Scandinavian cuisine according to me, we had one of the most delicious Italian food. Even on the next day we were ready to dump the local food but to get an reservation was impossible, that again showed the quality of the food served. It might sound strange, but the best artisan chocolate was from Kalev in Tallinn. Folks from Finland or scandinavia will understand, when I talk about Kalev chocolate, its expensive but with superlative taste. The taste from cherry with dark chocolate, chocolate with rum and raisins, pistachio still lingers in my head. Ah how I wish I could redo all these trips again….does anyone know where I could buy a time machine? 😉







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