Captivating – Santiago De Compostela – Part 2



Continuing with the stories of the charming city (sorry for long absence again blame it again on work and travel). Lunch breaks in Spain starts late and it’s elaborate being a food lover I always looked forward for lunch breaks. Me being an early bird, folks over there was considerate enough to have wee bit early, which according to them must have been super early and for me it was the point of starvation. Thoughts about fresh fishes and the deep fried padrom chilies was good enough to keep me on hold and drag me there. Three course meal included soup/salad, fish/meat with potato/rice and a generous serving of padrom chilies and of course the desserts. Though I have never been fanatic about tuna fish but Santiago was the only place I felt I could eat tuna, the freshness did bring good taste to the fish.





My words  wouldn’t do justice to the highly aromatic deep fried padrom chillies with sprinkle of salt. The best thing about these chillies are that smaller chilies are less spicy whereas the bigger has the kick of heat and these were my favourite. Oh my! who can understand the plight of a person who has to work after such good food? Trust me it would have been difficult but the driving force in a fun filled lab, just same as it was in Finland, pushed me further! Sigh those lovely days! While coming back from Santiago I came back with a bag of chillies along with a special bag of big spicy ones. Some deep frozen ones are still staying pretty good inside the freezer to bring back the memories.


1-Inside Church



Apart from food, people and the Sun the “one” thing that bowled me deep within was the cathedral. Apart from cathedral there are churches in every nook and corner of the city, no wonder this city is called the pilgrimage centre. Every dome of the churches told stories and probably does have some significance, wish I could get to learn more about them!  Luckily, I got to see the view of the cathedral everyday from the hotel. Almost every evening I went to see the majestic beauty. The untold positive vibe, serenity, intricate details and rush of people for some who came there with the hope, some to thank and some to get the touristic pleasure make it even more alluring. Siting in one corner to observe the people flocking in and out was a relaxing time pass in the evening after a long day of work. During the weekend, when I did the tour inside, the low lit ambiance with golden interior was spell bounding!

Somehow I’m dealing with writer block since a month, so to express my thoughts and memories to this extent seemed like a challenge. I know I haven’t done justice but I hope the pictures will make it up, anything said and done, this is one place I enjoyed the maximum and will always have a special place in my heart!










1-Church top 1-Door3





  1. Anna Johnston says:

    What an absolutely amazing and wonderful experience. Your photos are gorgeous. I love the giant chandelier in the church, I feel like I am right there with you. I’m going to practise fitting into a suitcase so you can take me with you next time. Looking forward to your next post, have an amazing weekend. xxx

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