Charmed – Santiago De Compostela – Part 1



One fine morning, emails went flying with me and a new collaborator in Santiago, discussing on a new project. Instantaneously he agreed on my request to visit his laboratory for a training. Little did I know what fun was waiting for me. On a gorgeous sunny day in September I landed in the beautiful city, Santiago. The only thing running in my mind was work, experiment procedures and edgy feeling for chemistry as you all know I’m a physicist.





Smiling people and peekaboo sun triggered a sense that something nice is waiting on its way. On the little old street I found my hotel, with view of the church along the restaurant street where I spent some time looking out for people eating, laughing and merrily walking, the same continued for every single evening, it was one of the best moments of my trip.





Every restaurant along the street had an aquarium, where you see the lobster swimming around, octopus staring, mussels and cockles inviting you. To keep it safe I decided to start with grilled salmon, hardly knowing about the portions that will be served. A huge salmon was served leaving me bewildered on how to finish it. Not doing complete justice to salmon, but satisfied I started walking along the streets. There was untold positive vibe in the air, though being the first time in the city I felt happily fitted.





Next morning at the university a warm and enthusiastic professor welcomed me to his friendly group an amazing bunch of people smiling and TALKING (seriously talking)…I’m not going to mention why I’m stressing this. Though we started with work from day 1 simultaneously I  started with little Spanish, basic words and their names (I’m pretty horrible with people names, it takes ages for me to remember their names). Oh what fun it was!

Below is the picture from Sargadelos show room. As always, I wanted to buy something very authentic from Santiago for my kitchen and the only recommendation was Sargadelos. When I stopped by the showroom I wanted to own every single ceramic piece from here. Their unique and gorgeous white and blue patterns made my heart pound, though I can back few beautiful pieces it will be never be enough for a food blogger!



I will continue with my next post on how my week went what fantastic food I had in the cafeteria and what good food the professor cooked for me. Till then enjoy the pictures from the saturday market where I went the weekend before I left Santiago along with the professor and his family, yet again a little paradise for the food blogger. From meters aways you could smell that you are approaching the market, the fresh vegetables, fruits, FANTASTIC fresh sea food, varieties of fresh fish and meat. Though the few fresh meat session and octopus session alarmed me, I enjoyed to the T. The prof. thought me on how to buy and identify a fresh fish. To every single counter of padron chilli pepper I passed by I was little girl lost in the candy shop! I just couldn’t get enough of it!








  1. Anna Johnston says:

    If you ever need a plus one on your adventures, seriously, I’m free. :) lol! What an amazing city. Love the marketplace, are they peppers in the big baskets? Can’t wait to see the next post. Happy weekend to you sweets. :)

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