Namaste from India – Whipped Lingonberry porridge (Vispipuuro)

I’m at home enjoying my most awaited holiday. I had been missing blog world, but somehow work trips, paper works had kept me occupied before i started from Finland. The day i arrived to home land, my mum and sis gave a super warm welcome, that i felt like a celebrity. When i saw my one year old nephew for the first time and my niece all grown tall, almost reaching my height, happiness new no bounds. We are creating havoc at home playing day in day out, that roof is about fall. Sometime to my niece i’m a beautician, event manger if she feels like its dolls birthday, or a watchman for water guns and indeed a photographer too! All we play is with her kitchen set where she cooks endlessly and i have to eat endlessly, hitting each other with water guns, papers drawings and colors, and to watch whole lot cartoon channels. Little one is a happy boy, never complains and growing fast. He has just started to walk by trying hard to lift his little bum, diapers are heavy i say, poor lil ones. He like to eat anything on floor and bits everything available at home. Its a beautiful phase, we are making the best use of their summer holidays, soon we are flying to our native place to meet our extended family. Before I get drown with family and endless parties waiting for me, here is simple and very special porridge from Finland. I can say Finland has spoiled me so much that India’s sun isn’t treating me well and i’m trying my best to hide from him.
Lingonberries are very typical Finnish berries which are handpicked during Autumn. My friend took me to pick mushroom and these berries, i came back home with one bucket of these berries. Not knowing what to do, she taught me how to make this porridge and jam (hope to post the recipe sometime). This serves as light breakfast or meal with cold or warm milk, i prefer warm milk. Marjut thank you so much for this recipe, can’t tell how much i miss you all and your food. My niece is obsessed with pink as me, soon we will trying with strawberries. So people if you don’t get lingonberries, you could very well try with strawberries or cranberries! Shall try to update during my trip if not shall catch soon after my travels, till then happy summer time, though i’m not happy with sun i’m making the best of summer fruits naam naam!

Recipe source here, I halved the recipe
500 ml water
150 gram fresh or frozen lingonberries
Pinch of salt
75 gram sugar
100 gram semolina
In a heavy bottom sauce pan, warm the water, add lingonberries, sugar and salt and mash the half of the berries with ladle as water starts to boil. ( I don’t mash all berries as lingonberries are bit bitter).
Let them boil for 10 mintues. Stain the juice. Pour the juice back to saucepan. On low heat very slowly add semolina,  take care else they will form lumps. Let them cook for about 15 mins.
Let the porridge cool and whisk with electric beater, till it is light and fluffy. Serve with warm or cold milk.


  1. Devaki says:

    So happy to see you post again ANANDA after all this time! LOVE lingonberries so this is marvelous.Reminds me of the porridge I gre up with except for the lingonberries of course.

    Hope you’re back to stay!

    chow :) DEVAKI @ weavethousandflavors

  2. Vijitha says:

    Hi Ananda
    Glad to see your posts and even more glad to know that you are having a good time. Eppadi irruku Chennai? (I am assuming you are from there). I am missing chennai, marina beach and karumbhu juice. Yen sarbulla you enjoy them all :-)

  3. Cassia Bark says:

    Lovely to see u back..missed u!!! Amazing photos…and yes I love Lingonberries too…mostly because they r so cute! Love that tiny basket :)

    Sohini xx

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