Women’s Rights in the News

From Doonesbury to Gaga (sort of), outrage over the violation of women’s rights is finally going mainstream.

For more about this video, go here: We Are Caught in a Bad Romance til we have Women’s Suffrage.

Is this week’s Doonesbury running in your local paper? The Los Angeles Times moved the strip to the OpEd section; see readers reactions. And here’s the roundup of what happened with other papers.  Finally, see what Garry Trudeau thinks of all this controversy, and then email the Center for Reproductive Rights at action@reprorights.org to brag about or report your paper.

1 comment
  1. Janna said:

    Thanks for bringing attention to the Doonesbury strips. This is truly an issue America cares about: thousands of individuals wrote to us last week to brag about or report their papers. -Janna, Center for Reproductive Rights

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