Anti-choice protesters trespass on private property

This group of anti-choice protesters walked onto the private property of the clinic we support. When our escorts followed, the protesters informed us that it was very intimidating to have a stranger following them and that there are laws against stalking and harassment. NO JOKE.

Anti-Choice Protesters Trespass on Private Property in Los Angeles

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  1. kescort said:

    It never ceases to amaze me when the anti’s presume a reasonable expectation of privacy in their conversations and action all the while that they are sticking their noses (and crucifixes) into another person’s uterus.That “get out of hell free” card they get at baptism sure absolves a whole lot of hypocrisy, ‘ey?

    Keep up the good work and steel yourselves: Xmas eve is a Saturday this year. I wonder what hell that may wrought for you and us and clinics across the country.

    Take Care,

    Louisville Clinic Escort

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