In which I basically republish my Twitter stream.

I first put this up on Twitter, at which point @ClinicEscort asked me to blog it so she could link to it. I am ever obliging, but also lazy and pressed for time.

ucc3llina Just found @thesurvivors account of their xmas-caroling/terrorist expedition at the clinic last Dec. on pages 1 & 8

ucc3llina “Eventually a clinic escort was sent out into the midst of the group to keep us from reaching the arriving women.” Eventually? Wha?

ucc3llina I was there before you crazies even showed up. Also? Your description of “Jenny?” Missing a few things. 1) She was not “dragged” anywhere.

ucc3llina 2) She never wanted or tried to leave the clinic – I went inside and asked her.

ucc3llina 3) Oh, and please don’t forget how you vultures stood around shrieking, taking her photo while she tried to cover her face and hide from you.

ucc3llina Bonus: I am apparently a “such a hardened young woman, so filled with an evil spirit.” YOUNG. Take that, 30s.

ucc3llina Extra bonus: see the photo in the middle of the page? How much do you think I was able to “keep [them] from reaching the arriving women?”

ucc3llina Yet, clearly, in their view, I was doing just that. Those of you who think clinic escorts don’t make a difference, take note.

ClinicEscort @ucc3llina Sometimes I get amped up about something & I Twitter-rage about it…but my own personal record, I think, is a 4-parter. #hatsoff

ucc3llina @ClinicEscort Why, thankee kindly. I refrained the first time they published it, but they REpublished it and I just couldn’t hold back.

ClinicEscort @ucc3llina I don’t blame you. Although really, if they’re too stupid to web-optimize a PDF, they’re too stupid to know truth from lies.

ClinicEscort @ucc3llina Any chance of a blog entry for this? That I can link to? So folks know what giant liars @thesurvivors & their ilk are?


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  1. Thanks to all of you for keeping this blog and for all the good work you’re doing.

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