Name: Víctor Soler
Born: 1971
Nationality: Spain
Type of art: Digital illustrations

Romantic, self-taught, sensitive, idealistic …, artist of the pencil and the computer mouse. That is Victor Soler: cartoonist, illustrator and comic lover. After going through the Faculty of Fine Arts he started out in the world of animation – his best school as he says: “Those years were the beginning of my career in art, where I learned the craft of a draftsman, and the love for this profession.”

He established himself in Madrid in 2005, working as a freelance illustrator for newspapers, advertising, fashion and children’s illustration. “Digital craft? – it is a contradictory term that sometimes has defined my art work,” he tries to clarify. “My illustrations are done free-hand, as someone who would draw or paint on a blank canvas, a rather laborious process where the canvas is replaced with a screen and where brushes, solvents, and pigments are replaced with  stylus and computer programs that allows you to work in a very similar way to traditional painting techniques. Of course, with all the advantages the technology gives you“.

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