Graduate Show Invites

We wanted the invitations to confirm and reinforce the visual approach of the WIP Show posters, so by isolated one of the poster’s unique off cut shapes, aimed to give it a more conventionally ‘polished’ feel by the application of a high gloss, spot varnish to create a texturally contrasting and more finished tactile experience for the end user. 

With the invites advertising two seperate shows, they featured a central perforation which allowed it to be neatly torn in half, effectively creating a smaller invite of only the show you wished to attend. (Featured in It's Nice That round up of best degree show identities).

Graduate Show Catalogue

The catalogue was left unbound to make it more interactive as an object that could be assembled or seperated at the readers wish. The front page is filled with words that sum up the year, with each postcard representing a person, with a bio and contact links on the back.

Using Format