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Follow the path of Captain Ely, Xi and her crew in Advent Saga #1

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  In the beginning, humankind looked to the stars and sought to explore the unknown . . .


  In the beginning, Sotarians looked to the stars and sought to bring order to chaos . . .


  Two peoples, sharing a galaxy, staring at the cosmos and asking the question “what if . . .?”


  The humans struggled through centuries of warfare and strife, bending their minds towards the pursuit of destruction as science clung to the background, always struggling to flourish during the brief moments of peace. The Sotarians waded the deep swamps of their own bloody origins, always forging new and stronger empires, rewriting their own history and starting over again and again. Through it all, science persevered, and with it the hope for a better tomorrow. Against all odds, it found a way.

  And these two people, so different and yet so similar, reached the stars they had spent so many years gazing toward.


  For the Sotarians, this meant the formation of the Collective. A hundred worlds were brought to heel, instilled with the same clockwork order and security their new overseers had on their world. Some few joined the Collective as equals – the mighty Stolox, hunting their way across the Milky Way; the Arcetians, mysterious visitors from another dimension where might makes right, and the Nazael, a race whose entire existence is still shrouded in mystery.


  As the Sotarians rose to power, the humans encountered other voyagers amongst the stars. As was their way, mankind treated with these foreign powers.

  Dozens of new alliances were formed, and with them came the founding of a new body to safeguard the cosmos – the United Galactic Council. Taking seats at the head of the table with the Earthlings were the Narteph, sages seeking to escape a past of savagery, the Orryn, arbiters of galactic trade and masters of technology, and the Agex’ians, who can be anything they desire, and strive to understand what they really are.


  It was inevitable that these two great powers would one day come to war.


  Throughout the years, the UGC and the Collective clashed. First it was over territory, then for honor, then over beliefs, and then eventually because one day it seemed it had always been that way. Between each long period of strife brought with it a lull of desperate peace, but every ceasefire was eventually broken. With every renewal of hostility, science was once again lashed to horrible new engines of destruction and charged to carve a swath of fresh carnage across the heavens.

  Then one day it came to be that there was a peace it seemed would finally last. Uneasy though it was, the Collective and the UGC struck a balance that allowed both to flourish, and keep contact between the two to a minimum. After hundreds of years of conflict, the war machines finally fell silent.


  In what should have been their period of greatest peace, the minds inside the UGC unwittingly created the most dangerous weapon of all.


  And when the Advents were unleashed upon Crimson Prime, all hope of peace was shattered forever.

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