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[Figure 2.1.0a]

Phase 1 Lesson 210 Lesson 220 leona 2


During a player’s Refresh phase, his or her Armada’s Defense and exhausted cards are fully restored.



During the Production phase, a player may send the top card of his or her Deck to the Resource area without viewing it [Figure 2.1.0a].

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Alright, so when a player's turn begins, the first phase is the Refresh phase.


The Refresh phase only takes place after each player's first turn; this is due to not having any Resources and/or Armada to restore on the first turn. Once the Refresh phase is complete, you then enter the Production phase.


I'm gonna choose to send the top card of my deck to the Resource area.  Placing a Nazael Crystal Ball into my Resource area gives me one more.