LightedTree-coChristmas Tree Safety Tips

Christmas trees do not start fires, people do!

•    Check all electric lights and connections before decorating.
•    NEVER use lights with worn or frayed cords.
•    NEVER use lighted candles on your tree.
•    Don’t overload the electrical outlets.
•    Place your Christmas tree away from fireplaces, radiators, television sets, and other heat sources. These elements can prematurely dry out your tree.
•    ALWAYS make sure that your tree has plenty of water to prevent drying.
•    ALWAYS turn off all decorations before going to bed at night or anytime you leave home.

Less than 0.0004% of Real Christmas Trees used each year are ignited in home fires and NEVER has a Real Christmas Tree caused or started a fire. Even though the chance of a Christmas Tree fire is very slim, ensure that your Real Christmas tree stays fresh and away from heat sources and fire hazards.